Crown of Death (Crown of Death, #1) by Keary Taylor // Book Review

December 28, 2017

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Years of bad luck have made Logan Pierce a little bitter, but it all goes from bad to worse the night she witnesses two immortal beings rip a man’s head off with their bare hands. 

Her life is wrecked overnight by a single man—Cyrus, who seems to think she’s someone important in his bloody world. But they won’t know the truth until she’s dead, and he’s very anxious to help her get there. 

But Logan isn’t going down without a fight. She makes him a deal. She will die, but first he must spend a month getting to know her, a month to change his mind. What she doesn’t expect is a month filled with displays of incredible wealth, spontaneous trips across the country, and unbelievable acts of immortal power. And as Logan spends her last days with Cyrus, she stops seeing the monster and begins to see a lonely, broken man she can’t walk away from. If she isn’t careful, it won’t just be her life she loses at the end of the month, but her heart as well... 


Holy book angels! I thought my vampire phase was long gone… Guess not! It’s back, and it just hit me full force. I don’t even have any words to describe how much I enjoyed this book.

He sits with one ankle over the opposite knee. His hand casually rests on his thigh, the other elbow braced in the window showing a dark world, slowly rubbing his chin. Dark. Deep. Captivating. Terrifying. He owns all of it.

Crown of Death is set within another series that Keary wrote, and since I never read them, I thought I would be kind of lost. Nope. She guided us into this world quite nicely. This world of Vampires and Royal Houses. I must admit that I am impressed at how easily she describes and introduces us to this elaborate world. She managed to include in the book so much background story of other houses, of the king and even of Lo, and it never got too confusing. Her writing Is simple and straight to the point and doesn’t get caught up in details that are not important. Everything happens for a reason.

I really, really enjoyed the interaction of the King Cyrus with Logan. It was really well written and the chemistry between them kept growing with every page. Nothing felt forced or rushed. And I must say, even though I despise secrets, the King kept one until the very end. And it made their relationship much more interesting, because the whole time I was going paranoid trying to guess what he was hiding.

Maybe I’m weak minded. Maybe I’m an embarrassment to all women. But it’s the truth. I fell hopelessly, soul-endingly in love with King Cyrus.

 The King was as charming as he could get. And I think I’m in love. He always showed so much devotion to Logan and loyalty as well. He would always protect her when the time came, and he always respected her. He’s goals! But instead of just seeing the strong side of the king we also got to read about his vulnerabilities. Cyrus has been alive for many centuries and he’s lost so much in that time. I could feel every one of his emotions. And still he was such a mysterious and charming character. He was beautifully written by the author.

Cyrus is a man constantly surrounded by people. People who do unnatural things to please him. People who bend to his will and command. But Cyrus is the loneliest man I’ve ever met.

Logan, or future QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES, was everything I want to be. From the beginning you can see that’s she’s a very loyal daughter and friend. When Cyrus shows up and tells her she has to die I was expecting her to break down. But NO! She took the news like the big girl she is and owned them. She was so strong and courageous. She was a girl that never fell in love and doesn’t know how that feels like. But she craves it. And throughout the book when we see her slowly falling in love it’s like she’s reborn, she gets bolder, stronger and far more risk taking. There was never a dull moment with her.

I truly loved every page of this book. I loved the story and how it was told. I loved that it’s very fast paced and so interesting. We have vampire battles and balls. Pretty dresses and beautiful men. Action scenes that will leave you dizzy. And a love story that will break your heart.

If there is one thing I would point out is that I was sad about how it ended, because it stopped at a very crucial point. Now I must wait for god-knows how many months to have the next book. And I need it! Like, NOW! So please, Keary give us the next book soon, I need my Cyrus and Logan fix. ASAP!

5/5 Stars

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