Your Echo (Sherbrooke Station #2) by Katia Rose // BOOK REVIEW

August 20, 2018


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Publication Date: September 12th 2018

Genre: Romance/Adult
Rating: 4 STARS 

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Your echo is the second book in the Sherbrooke Stations series, and it presents the story of the band’s lead singer (Ace) and his meditation coach (Stéphanie). I have to start by complimenting the author’s immersive, yet simple writing that creates a story that comes alive as you read it.

Your Echo can be enjoyed and read as a standalone, but I’ll definitely be reading the previous book because the guys (Matt, Cole, and JP) in the band gained a very special place in my heart! All of them have amazing personalities and storylines that left me begging for more. Especially JP. I need his book ASAP!! They made the book funny as hell and showed how tight their bond was when times got hard.

“You’re an ugly ass motherfucker,” he tells him, “and I don’t know what this woman is doing with you.”
“At least I have a woman,” Ace retaliates. “Did you even bring a date?”
JP gestures around the room. “Why would I limit myself to just one?"
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This is a story of redemption for Ace and Stéphanie as both carry demons of their past with them. Ace often drinks to cope with them and Stéphanie works her ass off in order to forget. They are very different characters, that come together to make a breathtaking couple that balances each other perfectly.

"She looked way too much like sunshine to not be capable of an eclipse."

Both start the book in a dark place but slowly their walls are broken down. They will gradually learn to trust and love again, not only each other but themselves. The author captured every single stage of their relationship perfectly, highlighting not only the good but the bad and making sure they came out stronger in the end. Besides, there was a ton of sexual tension between these two, from the very first moment!

“Good.” She straightens up a bit on her pillow. “Because there’s more to me than meets the eye.”I laugh. “What are you, a Transformer?”
She stares at me blankly.
“You know?” I prompt. “More than meets the eye? Robots in disguise? Please don’t make me sing the song for you.”

Your echo is a small book that will make you never want to put it down. The pace does slow down especially in the beginning, but gradually it becomes fast-paced and exciting. The characters are all so unique and funny and you can easily sense the friendship and love inside this book. I give this book 4 stars, as the story maintains the unique factor throughout the whole book and the love story is heartbreakingly beautiful. 

** E-copy provided in exchange of an honest review.

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