Damaged Like Us (Like Us, #1) by Krista and Becca Ritchie Book Review.... MOffy has his own booooook!!!

December 02, 2017

Ebook, 352 pages
Published June 27th 2017 by K.B. Ritchie

Don’t date your bodyguard. 
It was the one rule he had to break.

Maximoff Hale is a force of nature. A ship unwilling to be steered. Headstrong, resilient, and wholly responsible — the twenty-two-year-old alpha billionaire can handle his unconventional life.

He is certified American royalty. 

When he’s assigned a new 24/7 bodyguard, he comes face-to-face with the worst case scenario: being attached to the tattooed, MMA-trained, Yale graduate who’s known for “going rogue” in the security team — and who fills 1/3 of Maximoff's sexual fantasies. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Farrow Keene has one job: protect Maximoff Hale. Flirting, dating, and hot sex falls far, far out of the boundary of his bodyguard duties and into “termination” territory. But when feelings surface, protecting the sexy-as-sin, stubborn celebrity becomes increasingly complicated. 

Together, boundaries blur, and being exposed could mean catastrophic consequences for both.


Don’t date your bodyguard should be an easy rule to follow, but does Maximoff follows it… Hellllll naw. In fact, he doesn’t really follow any rules at all. Just like his father. So not only he fucks his bodyguard, but he falls in love with him. Go Moffy!!!


Damaged like Us shows us the new generation of the Hales, the Meadows and the Cobalt’s. But focuses mainly on the eldest kids. So, Maximoff, Jane and Sulli. But even more on the relationship between Jane and Moffy. Which being the eldest of them all they have a deep bond due to sharing everything since birth.

I didn’t love this book as much as Calloway Sisters I must admit. I just didn’t feel the strength in Moffy and Farrow that I felt with Lily and Lo. But it could be because it’s the first book, so just to be safe I will still read the second one and cross my fingers to love it. Don’t get me wrong, the connection and the fire were still there between these two, I just mainly felt that everything was so rushed and not natural… As I said, I will better judge it on the next book.

His glare falls to me, but his lips inch bit by bit, our arms still hooked tight around each other. 
“If I’m not the hero, what am I?” 
Maximoff is waiting for me to call him a villain. In his comic books, that’s the dichotomy. Heroes versus villains . He’s very far from one . 
I press my lips to his jaw, his neck, and against his ear, I whisper, “You’re a prince who wants to be a knight .”

But I must note that Farrow and Moffy make one hell of a HOT FUCKING COUPLE! Farrow is compared to James Franco… That alone should give you a nice visual!! And Moffy is a Greek god. Now imagine them together. DAMN!!!

One thing I truly did enjoyed was meeting Jane and if the book explored more of her it could have saved it for me. She’s so interesting because you know Rose and Connor, they are perfectionists, but their daughter doesn’t know what to do with her life, is slowly turning into a cat lady and has a fashion sense all over the place. It’s great. So please make a book about her!!

Also, the rest of the kids all made appearances but very briefly. I know there are a lot of them, but they have all such individual personalities that could have made this book even better if they appeared for longer than two pages.

Either way, I’m currently reading the next book so cross your fingers for me!! I Am hoping I will fall in love with it! 

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