Lick (Stage Dive, #1) by Kylie Scott Review :)

July 02, 2013

Vegas, baby! Now we know what a long night of drinking and being reckless can do to people. But in this case it kind of worked out for the best! I mean it's not everyday you wake up married to a rock start with trust issues and that is willing to give your "one-day relationship" a go. Hell, yeah!

Continuing.... I was so excited about this book the second i heard it's story! It does combine the best of both worlds, an edgy rock star with a safe girl. Evelyn and David sure are different but those differences made the book so much more interesting and heartfelt.

Evelyn is literally my kind of gal. I liked her mainly because i can relate with her personality but also because this girl can stand her ground against the world and tell them to go stick it where the sun doesn't shine without giving a shit about what they think But I think that half of the time she doesn't know of her strength, because she starts off with a low self-esteem and very retracted but then when Ev meets David there is this discovery of herself and she starts to value her body and soul more. She finds braveness inside of her and finally lets it come out more often. You can clearly see an evolution to a strong, determined women by the end of the book and that is often very hard to describe  but Kylie Scott managed to do it easily.
I wasn't even certain I knew how to make fuck-me eyes. But I definitely hadn't been making them at that tool downstairs. No wonder so many marriages ended in divorce. Marriage sucked and husbands were the worst.
David is awesome and he plays guitar. But that's what he is sick of people seeing because they only focus on the money part and how successful he is. Nobody really wants him for himself. This is sad at the beginning so when he meets Evelyn and they decide to give their relationship a go I was so happy for him. His personality after having his heart broken once is numb to the world, the his music and worse to himself. But then we can really see the real David and that carefree, young, fun, caring man is what really straps you to the book, because you can see a transformation as well and it's amazing. I loved him, loved that he portrayed the Rockstar life so well but seemed to know exactly when to put brakes on things. But i am not saying he is perfect, far from it because he is a major jackass at the start... But in the end he was awesome...

This couple pushed each other to the limits and that's why they work so well. They take each other's shit but in the end they are there for support!
I like you the way you are, blurting out whatever shit crosses your mind. Not trying to play me, or use me. You're just being with me. I like you.

The band members were dicks... But okay. Except for Mal, I loved Mal. The only guy in the band (aside David) who is funny and NICE! And maybe Sam as well. The rest i did not like! Jimmy you are an Asshole! and the other guy whose-name-I-have-forgotten-because-he-was-a-dick was as well. Oh and Martha? Go to hell!

Lick was awesome, entertaining and just hot, hot, hot! I Think this series have so much more to give and I am so looking forward to the next installment in the Stage Dive series :).

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