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December 22, 2017

Hi everyone! This is something that I am expecting every year from Goodreads and I love it so much that I keep refreshing the page for it to update after I add a new book. It’s kind of crazy but it’s such a cool feature that Goodreads added that I, as an assumed Bookworm, am crazy about. It’s their Year in Books. Their annual sum up of your reading! It shows you how many pages you’ve read, the average rating you gave and the books with the lowest and highest read count.

(That's me by the way when i'm choosing a new book on Goodreads and see a bunch of new opportunities)

This might sound boring to the average reader or normal person. But it’s so cool! And it really lets you see your progress and work throughout the whole year. And it’s super appealing to look at too. Congratulations to the design team!! 

So here it is folks. My year in books! Yay! Looking at it I feel like I could have done better and I should have, because books are such a bit part of my life. I love how I can jump into a different world just by opening a book and read. It’s all fantastic to me and it’s a journey that I crave every single time. But I’m glad to say that I meet some great authors and read some of my new favorite books for sure. So that was super positive! I might still do a post on my 2017 favorites by the way. Wink. Wink.

Next year I will definitely do much better I promise! How about your reading year? How was it? Were you happy with your progress, with the books you’ve read? Did you found out any new author or book that really make you enthusiastic to read? I know i did. 

I wish you a good day and happy readings to everyone and if you're a Goodreads BookJunkie please add me! I'd love to meet all of you!

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