Strength (Curse of the Gods #4) by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve // Book Review

August 07, 2018

Strength (Curse of the Gods, #4)

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Genre: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance, Paranormal

Strenght is the fourth book in the Curse of the Gods series. If you ask me to choose between the four I won't give you an answer. WHy? Because they are all equally hilarious, romantic, sexy and with the right amount of attitude. 

Strenght starts off where Seduction ends, with Willa being dead. Well, not dead per se. Someone did kill her but somehow she didn't die. She's still alive and well and still connected to her Abcurses. Now they have to find out why. What exactly is Willa? Why does possess powers that her kind doesn't? 

This book is excellent. Every single page left me entertained and giggling like a child.

 The book, however, was super important for Willa, because it's where she deepens her relationship with the guys and learns more about herself than in any of the previous books. 

She does all of this, whilst maintaining her personality and embarrassing herself every two seconds. She also gets naked, she loves to get naked. And she makes dicks appear in people's foreheads (Yup, she really did that.)... And she makes lame jokes and makes fun of Gods. She also pisses Gods off. 

Willa is a special girl that I thank the authors for creating because she's just a breath of fresh air from all the heavy books out there. I love her. 

I’d been called special before, but usually the tone indicated that my kind of special was a physical hazard to others. Yael and Leden weren’t talking about that kind of special, though. Their words made my heart a little light and my knees a little weak.

The plot flowed seamlessly even though most of the action was left to the end, sadly. But we did get more sexy scenes! With all the guys! We can see that the bond they all share is truly indestructible, which is something admirable in this series. 

“You have more power against us than any other being in the worlds. It’s almost scary the things we would do for you, Willa.”

We also get to meet some new characters like the Abcurse's Mother. YES! She's so sweet. I loved her character. And watch as the Neutral God and Emmy finally develop a "relationship"...  I was super excited about that too. A lot of our answers are left unanswered in Strenght, but I trust the authors to deliver them in the last book. 

I cannot believe the next book will be the end! But if you're just starting, give this series a chance! They are truly one of a kind.

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  1. I so love Willa's chaos-ness and how the Abcurse brothers just let her be. I love their dynamics.


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