Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan

July 02, 2013

I Must say that stories about princesses and kingdoms are not my thing because they are too melodramatic but this book had a good synopsis and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say it blew me away. Loved it and Raz and layla are my new it-couple and I want more!
"Walking into the lion's den unprotected, Princess?"
During twenty three long years Layla was put through her father's manipulative ways along with her baby sister which she tried to protect at all costs even if it meant she would get the consequences. That life led her to escape to books and knowledge turning her into a very pragmatic girl with no real life experience of her own. Now with her father's death she is threatened to marry a power hungry man so she must escape to find the hero everyone whispers about, the saviour everyone's hopes will take the throne and hopefully her protector. And when she finds him she has a propose that he cannot refuse, for he wants the throne she offers and she wants the safety he can give her.

This marriage was supposed to be a "political arrangement" between a princess and a hero which was about right for the first hour they met. Then there was this burst of energy between them and they were lost to each other. These two were Awesome together mainly because they started off quite hostile towards one another it created an even bigger interest to see the evolution of the relationship. And you could see and feel the confidence growing, the complicity between them as well, the sexual tension was off the roof and feel the love emanating from two different people who thought love was forbidden to them. You can see from the start that they will not be normal character, they are special and perfect for eachother.

Raz is a dick at first! I Admit it... But who can resist a "dark-haired hero, with a fit body and an alluring personality"? No one. He is kind and thoughtful towards everyone else but still manages to stand his position amongst the toughest of men. He is definitely one of the Best Alpha Males I've read about! Oh, and he had a daughter and their relationship is sooo cute?

Layla is a bookworm but she will learn that the deepest of knowledge do not comes from books but by living life to the fullest. At first I thought she would be one of those bland characters with nothing interesting to add to the story but I was wrong, Her determination to protect her sister, Her braveness, her kindness and inexperience were something that helped build a strong woman like her and give the plot all it's interest. I Loved her from head to toe, her personality, the way she handled things (always very rational), the way she faced her fears like it was nobody's business....

You might think this book was all Romance related but that is wrong. It has action with car chases, gun fightings, dogs attacking, and Evil people who will do anything to destroy happiness when they see it. And let's say that the bad guy in here is pretty obvious but who cares when there is Raz and Layla in the picture?

Sarah Morgan blew me away with this story. It had all the romance it needed without overwhelming it joined to some serious action in the desert. Add the awesome dogs and amazing horses with some really hot scenes between this couple in the hot desert and this book will be a success! The plot, the story and everything else was just spot on!

* Arc copy kindly provided by Harlequin in return of an honest review. 

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