Reborn (Alpha's Claim, #3) by Addison Cain Book Review

November 21, 2017

ISBN: 168259940X
Published September 1st 2016 by Blushing Books 

There is a greater threat than the virus.

Locked safely away in Shepherd’s nest, Claire is unaware of what stirs above ground. Her time is occupied fighting a war of another kind. Due to her mate’s relentless exploitation of their pair-bond, the nature of their link has grown consuming to the point that Claire has difficulty differentiating where her feelings begin and his end.

Under its influence, she’s forced to sense the man behind the monster. She can feel the truth of his terrible history. Claire can see the source of madness that drives Shepherd to do such terrible things: Svana.

His mate is desperate to open his eyes, but no matter Claire’s progress, Svana is not yet done with him.

Thólos is coming apart at the seams, and Shepherd’s men can do nothing to stop it. Real war is coming, and unless the Alpha tyrant is willing to pay the ultimate price, everything he has sacrificed will have been for nothing.


What the actual heck... Is this seriously the ending? Someone has to be joking, right now... What a joke.

Let me warn you that the final book in this installment is not an easy one. The other two were awesome and ended badly, both of them. So I thought I would get a happy ending in this one... But guess what? Fuck not. Addison just played with our feelings and laughed at them and then burned them or something like that. I feel so bad I can't even cope. 

So forgive my explosion in the previous paragraph but I was expecting a better ending. An ending worthy of Claire and Shepherd. And I didn't get it... So I'm kind of angry. 

Claire in this book is a badass, she finally stands up for what she wants and almost gets it all. She also will go trough a lot again and it's not going be pretty. You don't have many happy moments in this story and the ones you do are gone immediately. This was just so Sad... All the time. I constantly had a bad feeling throughout the whole book.... 
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I can't even say anything about Shepherd because my heart is truly broken. You will see why. But all of our doubts and worry will be answered to in this final installment. Don't worry you will get to know Shepherd like never before. 

“That did not change the lingering fear something very bad would be exacted for his sins. Claire’s voice broke. “You’re going to lose, Shepherd. I don’t know how, but I know you will. You are going to lose everything in this madness. All your good intentions, all your progress, will have been for nothing if you follow this evil agenda.” 

To all the bad guys in this book and all the bad guys thinking they're good guys... Fuck you. I hate you and please if there is another book with Claire and Shepherd, I want Shepherd to kill a lot of people of this book. I can't even. 

This is it people, the last book. The very sad ending that will leave you feeling either very sad or very angry.. I still can't decide. But it's always beautifully written and with a story that just drawn you in even though you know it's going be bad. 

It was awesome while it lasted and I am devastated it had to end. Please Addison!!! Bring us more books about C & S!! PLease, I'm begging you. 

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