Bound by Duty (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #2) by Cora Reilly... VALENTINA IS MA GIRLLLL

November 20, 2017

Kindle Edition318 pages
Published February 10th 2015 
ASIN: B00R6C7580

Dante – The Boss – Cavallaro’s wife died four years ago. On the verge of becoming the youngest head in the history of the Chicago mafia, Dante needs a new wife and Valentina was chosen for the role. 

Valentina lost her husband, too, but her first marriage had always been for show. When she was eighteen, she agreed to marry Antonio in order to hide the truth: that he was gay and in love with an outsider. Even after his death, she kept his secret, not only to preserve the honor of a dead man, but also to protect herself. But now that she’s about to marry Dante, her castle of lies threatens to crash. 

She’s determined to get Dante’s attention and desire, even if she can’t get his heart that still belongs to his dead wife. 

Damn, where do I start with this one? 

I must say out of all the books in this series, this was the one I was putting off reading just because I thought it would be boring. There. I said it. But, like most times, I was WRONG. 

This story was absolutely breathtaking. Everything from the scenery, the story, the characters and everything just blended beautifully together to give us this masterpiece.

Valentina was my girl. I wish I could be half as bold as this woman. She took the bull by its horns and made it hers. She was a character that lost her husband not too long ago, so I was kind of expecting someone sad and week, but as soon as she met Dante she was never afraid of him. (I was... tons of times) So her previous husband (A DICKHEAD) was gay so they never actually honored the marriage but she liked him anyway. I respect her for that. I respected that she stayed loyal to him throughout the whole book, but when it was necessary she ditched him as well. 

“You can tell me. I have a phone and am capable of operating it.” 

When it comes to Dante, the charming Ass, he was a dick trough most of the book. I mean, Valentina is flawless, smart and has an awesome personality and he just ignored her. I get that he's also a widow, but he should have given her a chance sooner. I think that was the major step back from this book for me. The fact that it took so long for them to bond and for them to have the change to connect. But when Dante finally opened his eyes and realized she was the one for him..... DAMNNNNN it was freaking hot.

“I’ll try to be the best husband I can possibly be, which probably is still much less than you deserve.” Resultado de imagem para gifs tumblr engraçados

Let's also address the main thing I liked about this book. The massive twist it had at the end. Like characters you would not expect will be back and they will try to destroy everything this couple built. And will they succeed? yes, for a while. After that Valentine will kick them in the balls and be the winner. 

We also see a lot of the characters from the previous book, not with a lot of depth, but enough that we could stop missing them so badly. I know I missed my Scuderi girls like crazy.

In any case, please read this book. But don't read it super fast. Enjoy every moment between the main characters, enjoy their story and the scenery. Everything is just perfect, but I was not expecting any less from Cora Reilly. 

Catarina Dias

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