Born to Be Bound (Alpha's Claim, #1) by Addison Cain Book Review

November 20, 2017

Paperback248 pages
Published April 8th 2016 by Blushing Books Publications
ISBN 1682593983

Surrender is not survival.

Claire is desperate. Her once thriving city lies in ruins. The strongest of the three human dynamics, Alphas, have grown feral. Common Betas circle like vultures. The lowest in the hierarchy, rare and weak Omegas like Claire, are being destroyed.

All due to one escaped convict’s violent rise to power.

Shepherd is every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests. Despite taking every possible precaution, Claire is captured and her worst nightmare realized. Shepherd, discovering a rare Omega in his midst, claims her like a prize, forcing a pair-bond that ties her to him forever.

She fights her instincts and his will, because no matter how manipulative the bond might be, she despises what he’s done to her people. If she cannot find a way to help her friends, if she cannot escape, everyone she loves will die.


Born to be bound was a really good surprise for me. I'm shocked. I didn't think I was going to like it the way I did. I normally really like the types of books related with alpha males and post apocalyptic story but this one caught me by surprise. 

Let's start with Claire. She is a Omega so she's extremely valuable to Alpha's and to Betas and because her kind is rare she has to hide in order to avoid being snatched by one of those kinds of men and being pair bonded (linked for life) with a guy she does not know. The thing it, it was exactly what happened. She decided to do something selfless to save her peers (little bitches) and finds herself captured by the most powerful Alpha there is. Shepherd. 

One thing I noticed is that Addison Cain knows how to describe worlds that we never seen with our eyes but when reading her stories we feel like we are there at the moment. And we live the whole story with the characters. She is really good at that. And she delivered. So it was one of my favorite genres of books mixed with excellent writing and it was a Hit for sure. 

I never thought that the name Shepherd could be related to a hot guy. But in this case it definitely is. Shepherd was a controversial character for me. I disliked him at first but then grew to love him. Much like Claire. At first he is a dick. Claire entered a state where she had to mate and he did respect her trough it but he also didn't really gave her a choice to choose weather she wanted him to be her mate or not. That was a turn off. Like he better pay her some respect the asshole. But after that he "realized" (well, as much as a self centered king of the universe can realize) that he was sort of in the wrong and tried to make amends. The book is mostly focused on him building a relationship with Claire and I believe that he learns to love her along the way. 

For Claire it was more difficult to create the true bond with SHepherd, mostly cause he kept her locked behind closed doors most of the book. And when she did gave him a chance he was an asshole and ruined the whole thing. But those things aside it is so interesting to see Claire fall in love with someone so different from her. Where she is pondered and calm he is a Storm. It's nice to see that difference come together. 
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With all of that said the sex scenes were bomb AF. And these two had massive chemistry during the whole book. Let's just hope they make it in the next books... 

This book also ends with a cliffhanger and with a betrayal. But do not fret hopefully the next books will mend all of that. In any way. Please read this series. It's awesome and super well written. It's worth a shot for sure. 

Catarina Dias

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