Broken Promise (The Denton Family Legacy, #1) by Sam Crescent - Book Review -- And new Book Boyfriend Alert!

November 23, 2017

Kindle Edition, 136 pages
Published March 29th 2016 by Evernight Publishing

The Dentons are the ultimate crime family, involved in drugs, sex, illegal fights, gambling, and much more. They’re vicious, but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crime heritage. It is said that a Denton will only fall for a woman once, and he will fall hard. They will not settle for any other woman, and those that do, end up breaking hearts. 

Jacob never believed the family stories, but the moment he sees Louisa Moore, he knows the tales are all true. He falls for her instantly, but there’s a problem—she wants nothing to do with him. 

Lou is shocked when Jacob Denton takes notice of her. No matter how many times Lou tries to push him away, Jacob will not stop. He wants her, and he will do whatever he can to get her. With her twin brother, Riley, on his side, Jacob knows he will win Lou’s heart. 


Okay so i need a couple of minutes to take this book in because I just finished it and I’m still feeling all the loss and the happiness that happened in the last chapters. Seriously, everything happened in the last few pages. People died, got married and lived happily ever after in 20 pages. That’s too much to take in in such a short notice!!! I was WTF'ing the whole time! 

Sam Crescent really did a beautiful job with this storyline. It’s not very unique meaning that we all read books about Mafia guys that love one woman only, but this one is special. The whole book you can easily read in a couple of hours because it never gets boring. The author does not sneak in unnecessary things and keeps on giving us surprises throughout the whole story, so when you think you know what’s about to happen, YOU DON’T.

""I told all of you boys that you would find a woman for yourself, a woman you’re not going to be able to walk away from. Once you find her, and you will, the woman you’re with, she’s going to end up hurt. It’s not going to be something you can control. It’s just the way it works.”"

The love story. Oh man, what can I say… Jacob and Lou were extraordinary. It didn’t follow the traditional “I looked at you and fell in love straight away” kind of thing. Well, for Jacob the men in his family tend to fall in love at first sight for one woman only. And Lou is THE woman for Jacob, the thing is that she didn’t fell in love the second she saw him. In fact, she ran away as fast as she could. And all I could say was: YOU GET IT GIRL… RESIST THAT MAN! So, the “curse” is kind of one way. Which is awesome because we get to see a “player” having to chase his woman and making her fall in love with him. It’s great.

"“I’ve not said I’d fuck you.”
 “You will. It’s inevitable.”
 “Are you really that good?”
 “I’m the best.” 
“Wow, you really have an ego, don’t you?”
 “It’s one I’ve earned, baby.”"

The secondary characters we didn’t get a lot of which I regretted... I whished we got to see more of his brothers and even from the mob side of business. So, if your looking for a book that has a lot of fighting scenes and gunshots and such… maybe this is not for you. This is more for the hopeless romantic that likes a thrill. Me in this case.

Also, I feel like Lou’s parents were a subject that would be great to this story, but we never got to see them for real. Lou spoke about them a lot but when I came to creating problems… there was nothing there. In my opinion it was something the author could have explored a lot and wasted that opportunity and then decided to sneak them in two minutes before the end for the big surprise. No good in my opinion.

One last thing I must mention, and I know it’s not the author’s fault, is the cover. This cover is being used on another book already and I hate when that happens… The editor should have been more careful…

But, putting that all aside, if you’re into sweet love stories that will make your heart race and leave you laughing whilst dealing with a few corrupt people… then you may just love this one. 

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