Bound by Vengeance (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #5) by Cora Reilly --- Book Review ---

November 22, 2017

ISBN13: 9781370810291
Published January 19th 2017 by Cora Reilly

He’d never had something to himself, never even dared to dream about owning something so precious. He was the unwanted bastard son who’d always had to content himself with the leftovers of others. And now they’d given him what only a few weeks ago had been out of his reach, someone he wasn’t even allowed to admire from afar, one of their most prized possessions. Thrown at his feet because he was who he was, because they were certain he would break her. He was her punishment, a fate worse than death, a way to deliver the ultimate punishment to her father who had displeased them so greatly.

She had always been the good girl. It didn’t protect her.
She didn’t know his real name. People called him Growl to his face, and the Bastard behind his back. Both were names he couldn’t possibly have chosen for himself. His eyes were empty, a mirror to throw back her own fear at her. He was a brutal hand of the Las Vegas Camorra.
And now she was at his mercy


We waited for sooooo long for this and finally we got it. It was so worth the wait you wouldn’t believe it. I thought i wouldn't be up for this book because it's the story of someone we don't know. But like... it's so awesome. 

“A princess and a monster, that's what they were.” 

We have a Guy everyone Is afraid of. Even his boss. And that's saying something because Mobs bosses are like super scary in the books. But Growl manages to upstage him easily. Why? Because he doesn't give a shit about who he kills, and he enjoys it. Ya, strange. So, from the beginning we think he’s going to be a bad guy, and he is. But not as bad as we though and he has his reasons.

“You are worth more than anything I’ve ever owned or will ever own.


Cara is the daughter of a guy that tries to outsmart the boss and he must pay for it. Therefore, his daughter is given to Growl. A bit of a Cliché but I was into it. So, she goes to his house by force, of course, and basically stays trapped there for a long time. Not giving Growl the change he needs to show that he’s good to her. So, most of the time we have a girl that will not cooperate and refuses to accept him. Which is understandable.

Good thing she changes her mind. After living with him for a while they start to get accustomed to each other and magic happens, and they get closer. Let me tell you, it was great seeing Growls walls crumbling down for Cora and seeing that perfect girl stepping up and defending what its hers was great as well.

Their story is filled with up and downs and because they are a couple that was thrown together out of the blue, their personalities really do compliment each other. And it was awesome to see that happen.

Also, this couple makes the best sex scenes ever. They have a chemistry you cannot deny, and Cora portrayed that chemistry super well.

“...his mouth was unbelievably hot, everything about him was.” 

For a mob book I feel like this one was one of the bests. Specially because all the drama and all the strategy game you knew was going on beneath all of it. So, you have a tamed love story but an exciting mob business. 5 Stars for sure. 

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