Bitter Truths (The Denton Family Lecgacy, #3) by Sam Crescent -- REVIEW --

November 25, 2017

 Kindle Edition, 145 pages
Published December 9th 2016 by Evernight Publishing

Ruby Santos mistakenly believes the Dentons killed her brother. For the past ten years she has been training, forgetting her own wants and desires to kill the men responsible for taking the ones she loved. When she strikes at Oliver Denton, she never expects to be the one chained up by the end of the night. 

The woman destined to be his wants to kill him. It’s just typical. But Oliver can’t let her go, and the more he gets to know Ruby, the more he realizes that she is perfect for him. He will do everything he can to bring the justice that she seeks. 

Against all odds, Ruby finds herself falling for the crazy Denton. Yet how can she have a future with a man she once wanted to kill? But when the truth of her family’s killer comes to light, it’s not the only thing that comes out of the Denton closet. Their greatest enemy could tear the entire Denton family apart and Ruby with them.


Oh, ma lord what is this thing I’m feeling because I don’t want to put this book down, is it the Denton’s legacy?? Probably.… 
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I want to continue with Ruby and Oliver forever because they are just the perfect amount of reckless, funny and romantic I’ve ever wanted to read about.

The first book for me was the best but Bitter Truths just stole the number one spot on the podium. This story has the balanced mix of betrayals, deaths, action scenes and a lot of love. All of this with Sam Crescent’s writing which I think is much improved in this book, which convinces me to give these 5 stars to be honest.

So now we are dealing with one brother that likes to play around with married woman when he wants to kill their husbands… Oliver is the guy Maddox sends when he wants someone tortured or taking cared of. So, he’s reckless and hard and he’s not ready to take anyone’s bullshit…. Is he?

He’d never known anything like it before in his life. Being a Denton, he was used to competing, fighting, and of course working. There was the love of a family, but nothing compared to this. Staring into her green eyes, he knew he’d finally found home.

Ruby lost her brother a long time a go and now she’s ready to take revenge on the family that had him killed, or so she thinks. And that family are the Denton’s… Surprise, surprise. She has been training her whole life to get her revenge, had people beat her up on propose so she would get used to it and didn’t really enjoyed her life because of it.

Denton. That was the name she would remember. She was going to avenge her brother’s death. Every last Denton was going to regret taking from her.

So this couple meets just when she goes for chance to kill Oliver and let me tell you that she landed a kick or two. She’s badass. After that and when she learns that the Denton’s aren’t guilty she and Oliver finally get a chance as a couple. And that’s when you see them both letting their guard down and start getting along.

Ruby is a loner and so is Oliver, as in, they prefer to be alone in their own space than with a lot of people surrounding them. So, they are quite good for one another. I honestly really did like them. Thought that they were very well written, you could understand every motive they had to do what they did during the book. And their overall personalities are really entertaining. Sam Crescent did a great job with these two.

In this story we get Damien’s POV and he’s the brother that got a girl pregnant, but she wasn’t really the “one”. OUCH. And this book is not going to go easy on him. He has his baby now but Betty the baby-mother loves him. And he does love her back, but if the right woman ever appears to him he’s going to leave Betty, which is super sad, and the ending is super bad for him. I loved him, and I do hope the next book is about him, so I can see him get better.

He watched as the two left the room, and Damian wished with all of his heart that Betty was the one. She wasn’t, and he hated that more than anything.

Also, we get a lot form the other couples, which is always great. And I do feel they are all improving as a character…

Great book without a doubt but I am anxious for the next one. 

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