Sovereign (Irdesi Empire, #2) by Addison Cain Book Review and thoughts... Lots of them.

November 20, 2017

Kindle Edition222 pages
Published December 1st 2016

Her only family murdered, the males of her species governing the prison designed to contain her, she mourns. Que had been her world, but it is Sovereign who enters her body day and night. 
No man has loved a woman more, and no woman has hated a man with such passion.
She cannot help it. Designed to be the perfect slave soldier, programmed to exterminate her own kind, Sigil wants nothing more than to butcher those who would save her.
Sovereign’s many Brothers lavish her with attention, taking turns practicing seduction to woo the only female who might propagate their species. 
There is a dangerous secret Sovereign and his Brothers cannot conceal forever, though they are willing to risk the empire, their lives, and even her sanity trying. Is that not the definition of love?
The fuck? I am just going to address the ghost in the room... Sigil was a badass and now she isn't. Simple. On this book she was reduced to something I don't remember from the first book, where she had strength and energy. Truth be told she has lost a lot in the previous book, she has lost something she loved dearly and now she finds herself with people who she does not trust and in a place she does not know. That would change a person but I think it was too drastic a change. 
This time around Sigil wakes up from a "nap" that took many years (I wish I could have some of that) and finds herself at the mercy of Sovereign and all his brothers. They all want her, they all cherish her and they are all lying to her. That was what saved the story for me. The whole lie that we had to find out and when we finally did it was a Hell of a lie... Definitely was not expecting that at ALL. So Addison Cain managed to surprise me and keep me interested throughout the whole book even not liking Sigil all that much. 
The one thing that changed drastically for me as well, was my liking of the Sovereign... I hate him now... As a character he is beautifully built and interesting, but if he actually existed in my world I would kick his fucking ass because he is a little shit. There I said it. So sorry. Not sorry. 
"You kill me every time you turn away, every time I have to force myself not to make a grab for you."
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Asides from all that drama (and believe me there is a TON of it) this book keeps up with the excellent writing skill that the author has and still manages to captivate us during the whole time we are reading it. The moment I picked up this book I could not put it down and that says it all. 
Read it at your own cost but if you read Sigil I strongly advise reading this one as well to continue her story and when you do finish just remember there is another book coming out. Do not freak out at the end... And I repeat. THERE IS ANOTHER BOOK COMING. DO NOT FREAK OUT.
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