Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy, #5) by Jennifer Estep

July 30, 2013

I finally got my hands on this book and I am so happy right now! Even though i did shamelessly devoured this book in four hours. I am a sucker for this series and couldn't wait to read about what's up with Logan, the new problem that is going to "almost" kill Gwen and see her kick some serious Reaper's ass. 

Threats strike when you are at your most vulnerable state, Gwen know this and so does everyone else, after all, it's what they teach you in school. And when you live in Mythos Academy always keep your two eyes open. But when a reaper manages to poison someone important to Gwen she knows she must risk her friend's life and her own's in a trip to get the antidote. Though she is still hurting for her Spartan, she must put that aside and make Nike proud, whilst having her heart broken. 

So Gwen is like the main target in here. She is like puddin to Reapers and there will be some serious life attempts on her gone wrong, which makes me laugh at the Reapers because they are "supposed" to be trained to kill people in cold blood. My ass they are! They are a band of wusses!
Vivian laughed. “Sure, go ahead and believe that. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Gwen. Anyway, I gotta go. Catch you later. Or maybe I should just say kill you later.”
In here, Gwen is still pretty shaken up with Logan's absence in the first pages, but right the next minute the strong, badass gypsy is back right until the last page! 

Vic is even more cocky than in any other previous books! If that's even possible, but he is. I always liked the idea of a witty, talking sword, but man! He's awesome.
“Well, naturally,” the sword crowed, his voice swelling with pride. “I do put the art in artifact.” I looked down at him. 
“Really?” I whispered. “You’re really going to talk about how awesome you are at a time like this?” 
“Certainly,” Vic said. “Why wouldn’t I?”
Logan, you are an Asshole. Love, Me...
Seriously, Gypsy girl. Stop looking for me. Love, Logan

These books always managed to surprise me. Just when i think that there is nothing more that Jennifer Estep can come up with, she writes a full book with magical creatures and flowers that i've never heard of. And she writes all this with a veracity and realism that it's amazing to read about. Her books and Mythos Academy series really have the element of surprise. And whether it is in a serious fight between some reapers and their pets or just a plain relationship she always manages to turn the simplest of moments into something special.

This book had more action than the previous ones, though i am sad for not meeting Loki just yet. I want to kick his face so badly. But there were loads of other reapers for Gwen and her friends to handle, that this book turned into a  fight festival. Seriously, you never know where the reapers will come at you! Always be aware of your surroundings. 

Midnight Frost serves as a in between book. Because it was used to introduce some serious important characters and artifacts, a new goddess and make Gwen face Logan and tell him to stop being a wussy. Also, the weapon to finally end Loki is here and she will make an unusual friendship with some serious cute animals. Oh ya! you heard me, Gwen is going to have some new fluffy animals friends... 

Her friends are always awesome, but there was something about this book that made them stand out more. Maybe it was because Logan was out of the picture and i was able to focus on something else rather than him or maybe because they seemed extra participant and really showed a team effort in everything they did!
“Afraid you’ll get your pink snowsuit all messed up?” Oliver teased. 
She glared at him. “The only thing that’s going to get messed up is your face, Spartan. The second I shove my fist through it.” 
Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Bring it on, Valkyrie.”
Don't you feel that this books are always so clever? I do, it's like everything leads up to THAT something, and even though the "undercover" reapers are pretty obvious you forget about it until they have a knife in your throat. So it's always surprising and exciting because there is never a dull moment in here. 

I loved this book. Well obviously! But this is a really easy-going, cool book, that will get you laughing at the constant comebacks and enjoying tagging along with Gwen and her friends once more! 

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