Elite (Eagle Elite #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

July 12, 2013

Cows may be my favorite animals now. Just Saying. I love young/adult books but mob/mafia books combined with those, i'm in Heaven... Ant they mention the movie The Godfather. Yay! Love this book so much that i can't begin to describe how much!! <3

After Trace won the Eagle Elite College Scholarship Lottery, (Long Name...) she is determined to do her best to take care of her Grandpa. But she wasn't counting on a certain group of friends with such an inviting attitude, because their rules state three thing she must follow:
1-Do not Touch The Elect.
2- Do not look at The Elect.
3- Do not speak with The Elect.
But the problem with the school is that it's ruled by a student. Nixon. And he has his eyes on her. And with time she will realize that all of them have a secret in common. A secret that may be about Trace.

I Knew you were trouble when you walked in, Nixon! I Just knew it and I loved it... You Nixon, are a jerk, an ass, an idiot and a jackass! His badass attitude, with his job, mixed with being super mean in the start and then way ahead being nice, made him the awesomest main male character ever! Nixon is something else for sure. He oozes danger and has that "don't come near me or i'll kill you vibe" that made him irresistible, I mean HE IS the mafia boss. I felt a bit weird at the beginning when everyone followed his orders, just because. And when the teachers seemed to have fear in their eyes every time he came near.. It was strange and it added that mystery, i mean who the hell says "Yes, sir" to a twenty year old guy? But damm with the car chases, gun fighting and the black SUV's. Oh My!
"Oh and, Farm Girl, don’t forget. Classes start tomorrow. Welcome to Hell.”

Trace. I cannot count the times this girl made me laugh. At the start I was like "Oh no, another poor girl that everyone is going to feel sorry for, and she's going to be as plain as hell" but then she tricked me. Because she stood up to the meanest guy on campus and told him to go take a hike. After losing her grandma it takes gut to start over in a foreign school while you know nobody. But she did it! She was courageous and determined. Something the main character should never lack. Trace, you and your Moo's!
“Keep your head high. Ain't nothing to look at on the ground,” I mumbled her favorite phrase and laughed through my tears. Tomorrow would be hard, but I was chosen, I was here, and I was going to earn it. Nixon better watch his back because I, Tracey Rooks, was here to stay.
OMG i love Trace's grandpa! He was so cool. So innocent and poor at the beginning and then POW you have a mean motherfucker!
Grandpa let out a sigh and laughed. “I do not know why the Good Lord left me alone with a girl. I do not think my heart can take it. I go to bed, I worry. I eat my breakfast, I worry. I see a cow, I worry.”

Anyone felt like this book had the Romeo and Juliet vibe? The Alfero's and Abandonato's? I loved these two together because they both had an history before,  both of them are stubborn as hell and like to provoke the other.  Which is an awesome combination for a couple because you just know it will entertain you to watch them fight! I liked that the whole love triangle wasn't like IN YOUR FACE, like some other books but was mild and just in the right times. And the whole car chase thingie. Trace, were you for real? I laughed sooo hard!
“Tell you what?” I whispered. 
“That you need me.” 
“When hell freezes over!” I snapped. 
“Bring a parka, because life’s a bitch and you just bought a first class ticket, sweetheart.”
Chase, I think I am in your Team! Just because you actually showed that you had a heart at the beginning. I also appreciated that his feeling did not came through when Trace was with Nixon so it didn't made it awkward. He respected his friend and Trace, so he waited for Nixon to screw up (because OF COURSE he would) and made his move. I enjoyed his protectiveness and mainly his playfulness (which was something that Nixon sometimes was lacking).

Monroe was equally awesome but sometimes she disappeared from the book a bit too much. But i liked that she friended Trace and stood by her side while her twin AKA: Nixon, made Trace's life a living  hell.
“He’s the spawn of Satan,” she grumbled. 
“And you are?” 
She grinned and held out her hand. “Monroe. I’m Satan’s sister.”
This book was super! It had action, Romance and a bit of suspense as well. A bit for everyone! It had hot boys to last you a lifetime, crazy, determined farmer girls, secrets that will be uncovered and alliances of steel.  Rachel Van Dyken did an awesome job and i'll be hoping for an even better book next time!

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