Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne

July 08, 2013

I feel like a fool for not knowing who the killer was until He/She actually came out and admitted it. It was one of those In-Your-Face kind of person...

Sawyer Dodd is the typical A-student that seems to have it all. The perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends... Or so it appears. Because the boyfriend hits her and she doesn't have that many friends asides Chloe.  But when the boyfriend is killed in a car crash and she receives a note in her locker that says : You're Welcome, she knows it was something more than an accident. From there on her secret admirer takes on many forms and shapes and Sawyer's life is about to get  complicated.

OMG this book is so deceiving! It's smartly conceived and so  very cunning. Ah, the whole admired scene, so awesome! Hannah Jayne really delivered a story that tops C.S.I easily, We have the innocent victim, the jackass targets and the smart killer that doesn't get caught until the end, this is kind of Robin Hood but instead of fighting injustices through stealing and then giving to the poor, this killer kills it's targets that in a way or another are bothering out main girl and just leaves a note saying you're welcome....

After Sawyer's boyfriend gets killed her life turns around and what was bad before is worse now. She has to deal with everyone's stares waiting for her break down and deal with the accusatory tones when she doesn't hysterically start to cry over her boyfriend. Then a fellow classmate that is put aside by everyone starts to take on the spotlight of the story, a devious teacher appears dead, her family doubts her every word and an unexpected romance takes place in Sawyer's heart once again. Oh boy...

If i had half Sawyer's strenght I would be freaking Superman. Just the way she deals with the stares and doubts that makes Me crazy it's quite remarkable, i don't think i would have that much patience. She is a very strong young woman that managed to get out of a abusive relationship and on top of that gets all of  this deaths on her shoulders. I loved that she wasn't whining because a girl in her situation would normally do so but she put on a strong front and gave the finger to everyone else. Sawyer was a very believable character that after all this was not afraid to make mistakes and let this moments break her, and just like that she let herself love again.

Logan may be a tiny, shy guy but damn if he didn't fill the story until the last page. I Loved him, he may be my favorite character. This just shows that you should never judge a book by it's cover! Watch out for him.

Chloe... Oh you deceiving girl.... I got my eyes on you by the way. Enough said. But the loyalty she had with Sawyer was really well written and it's not something you see every day at all.

To Sawyer's father... You are an Idiot for not giving your daughter the time of the day and believing her. It's normal that if someone tells you that she is being followed you have to believe that person! Mainly when she is your daughter, but no, it's all because of the pills he said. He annoyed me so very much!

To sum it up, this book is great with so many twists and turn that made my head dizzy.  It makes you believe one thing and then it's the complete opposite. It's awesome and Hannah Jayne could not have done a better job!

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