White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1) by Teresa Mummert

July 09, 2013

This cover is beautiful. Definitely one of my decision points in reading this book, but not the only one because the synopsis and the promise of a knight in shining armor also helped a lot!

Cass Daniels does not believe in happy endings, not when you live in a trailer park with your junkie boyfriend who likes to throw a punch once in awhile, with your mom and working at a dinner that barely helps paying rent.  But she hopes that she can get away, get a decent life somewhere far from this hell she is living. But when that opportunity appears sooner than she thought with the dark-haired singer from Damaged, is she willing to take it and risk his career on the way?
I hated this place, my life… myself.
Cass Daniels is skeptic about love and happy endings. She is a twenty three year old girl that should be finishing college and getting a real job, not struggling to pay the bills and supporting her deadbeat boyfriend and mother. She is strong with a capital S, this girl could take on anything and came out on top because she is resilient and determined to make a better life for herself. I thought her to be a great role model of strength, heart and hope, even though sometimes the whole attitude thingie should be a little minimized. In the whole story you do not get a real smile from her when she is in her trailer park but when Tucker is with her you can see the transformation to a happy Cass, a girl that does not have the world on her shoulders and for once can have fun and relax.
I was finally living instead of just surviving. It felt good.

Tucker is the Lead Singer of Damaged, he is the beautiful, kind stranger at the beginning. I Loved his manners to Cass and the way he dealt with her giving her support and a safe place for her to have. I wished that he had opened up more because you don't see much of the real him in the story, you don't know nothing about his family or if he has siblings, friends or even foes... Nothing. I took out points for him because of that, but the fact that he was caring, thoughtful, nice and owned a bike (because that adds to his badass status) made up to it quite nicely.
His arms had elaborate tattoos to the wrists and his blue eyes were bright in the sun. This was the guy your momma would warn you about—if your momma wasn't too high to function.
Jax was something sad in this story. You can see throughout this story the different personas of an addict, the violent one, the happy one and the drugged one. And the fact that, if they don't want help then there is nothing you can do, and Cass knows it but still wishes the old boy she once knew and protected her made his return. I actually found myself liking him when he was sober and I could see potential in a relationship with Cass (If there was no Tuck) but then he just blew that away in an instant. Just like her mother, both of them were basically lost cases from the start.
I was tired of living my life afraid of what Jax would do next, or even worse, finding my mother dead from an overdose.
Okay, did anyone wanted to hear more about the Twins? I did! Chris and Terry!! I wanted more of their part and know about their story as well. I admit I have a crush on them!!! I am fan-girling (I don't know if that's a word, but oh well...) right now. I found myself liking Larry as well because I think that he was one of the few people who actually cared about Cass.

White Trash Beautiful is a story not easy to like but I found myself enjoying it very much. The story is fast paced and the plot is diversified and every single person contributes to the story in a way. One thing i did not liked was the way some things evolved, like the pregnancy (which was over before it started) and other minor things...  White Trash Beautiful has a dark tint to it but also one of joy and Love. This could represent a true story easily, and that's what i think is going to clash with some people but if you give it a change this book will surprise you.

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