Branded (Sinners, #1) by Abbi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki

July 04, 2013

I was expecting this book for so long and when it finally came i was beyond excited. I Loved the whole dystopian concept and the brands of the seven deadly sins were a nice touch to it.

It had everything to make this book great. But the only characters I seemed to like were Sutton, Alyssa and Zeus (the dog, which was awesome and totally charismatic, with an awesome personality! And when he went missing I felt like throwing the book out the window. )

I'm sorry but this book was no good for me so I couldn't get into it. By the end I was avoiding most of the words and actions, about halfway i got sick over reading about people throwing up (which happened about all the time) or about other bodily functions that were described minimalistically... The characters felt old with nothing exciting to offer and their personalities got me bored and laughing because it was funny about how unreal they were...

If i am reading a book about a hell-hole where you have to fight to survive I don't want a nice guard, a quiet girl with passion for art  that needs compliments all the time  and definitely didn't liked that everyone else in the hole knew about her and yet she couldn't know about anyone else because it was top secret. Are you serious? And what's with the Rocky session in the middle of this?

Lexi is a character that I have seen so many times before. I could not like her one bit. Yes she had a story and it added some dimension to her personality so we could understand her better but then with all the love in the air she lost it all.  What I did not liked for sure was the need people had of constantly calling her beautiful and that she is the best body coming into that part of town, it's annoying hearing it when you are trying to focus on the bigger picture. Lexis did not had any fire within her. No goals. No need to prove herself not guilty. No determination. No strenght. No backbone. Nothing. She was a empty character for me.

Cole. He's hot, but in a place where gunshots seem to appear out of nowhere I do not need to hear about how good his butt looks in his jeans. Kay? Also, seriously he knows that he could get killed for getting it on with a sinner but he calls her babe? The only moments I liked him were in the beginning because there he was what was expected of someone that is marked by that war, there he was real. Then he was just a personage nothing more.  Lexi and Cole as a couple took away what the story had best. It was like a jordin Sparks book gone wrong. And very exaggerated.

Keegan was a dick. What was wrong about his sister dating Cole and in what world was it any of his business? After all he did left her with her evil stepfather, right? I don't understand. Also his focus on battle, and on training was all too pretty but he overreacted on so many occasions. And because he threatened Zeus I vowed to hate him forever. Just saying...

But the good thing I loved were the scenarios they created and how good they were described. You could feel the tension in the air, the fear of the people, the sadness. All those emotions before giving up completely were awesomely brought to life by words.  The style of writing was amazing and the story over the top! And if the characters would have focused more into themselves and less into the love action it would have been great.

To wrap this review i have to say that the general idea is fantastic but the characters need something more. I liked reading Branded  , it wasn't the best book ever but the next one hopefully will be much better! :)

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