After the Kiss (Sex, Love & Stiletto, #1) by Lauren Layne

July 06, 2013

I am crazy about this story. After the kiss did not stood a chance against my reading skills and was completely finished in two hours  because I couldn't let go of it!! I've read from other reviews it was going to be a bit like the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days"  so i didn't have high expectations but it couldn't be more opposite to it and so much better!

Julie Greene is part of the most wanted trio of columnists in New York writing about first kisses, hot sizzling nights and love. And when the dating advising queen gets a proposal to write about something deeper than a three week fling she know she must gamble something far more serious than a few bad dates.
Mitchell Forbes wants more than a one night stand and when he breaks up with his ready-to-marry girlfriend he knows he has to start living a little bit more on the edge. When he enters a bet about a quick fling he choose just the right girl for it. The dating queen. It was supposed to be an in and out  situation (pun intended) but can he can only fool himself for so long.
"With the right person, it just happens. That's the mystery of what makes true love so special." Gawd, I almost made myself vomit"
OMG i cannot believe this book was this good. It had everything going his way, the cover is to die for, the storyline is fantastic and very appealing and the characters make you beg for more (I know I'm begging). I was expecting something mildly good mainly because i didn't know Lauren Layne type of writing but it was AWESOME. It was a small book, very quick and funny with a sassiness you don't see every day. One of those books you take to the beach and lay back and enjoy. And you know what was really good? That the characters took their times getting to know each other, they didn't proclaimed undying love at first glance and really had to work in their relationship. Just that tiny bit of detail made this book fucking awesome!
She almost laughed. They were like two kids pushed together by the prom chaperones with absolutely no feel for each other. Always a step out of sync.

Julie Greene is now on the top book girls that I have a girl-crush on. Who doesn't? She's sassy, a relationship rebel and kind of a wild-child. I Loved the fact that she's the type of girl that is sure of herself and has a confidence the size of a moon, that alone with her personality made her character so freaking amazing! But what i liked more was her promises about NO COMMITMENT ALLOWED and knowing deep down it was going down the drain and the fact that she wasn't a perfect girl, she had her heart broken in the past and was still willing to risk her heart once more. She was Brave.
"Honey, these aren't heels, they're Louboutins," she corrected. Honestly. Men.
Mitchell was adorable. I loved that he was a complete "geek" in the day working a boring as hell job and then turned into this hot, demanding, possessive guy that rocked this book at night. He kind of reminds me of Clark Kent in a way :). His need to not be that commitment guy again and try for a quick relationship status was soo funny because we knew it was also not going to work! But it was cute he tried....
Nobody put a hand on Mitchell's woman. And Julie Greene was definitely his. 

Can I just say they made the cutest couple ever? Well, they did! And the end was just precious... Grace and Riley the Sex and Love part of the trio were an important part throughout this and in the development of their relationship as well! Loved the girls, their boldness and raw honesty and mainly how the ending went to them. To wrap it up Sex, Love and Stilettos are a series to look out for and beware of it's capacity to make you fall in love. (Not suited for weak hearts)

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