Real Ugly ( Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M Stunich

July 18, 2013

Holy mother of Cliffhangers... This Book was the most dysfunctional piece of art i've seen and I f*cking loved it to death. I don't know if i'll be able to survive the heart attack this story is giving me until the next book comes out, it's so far away...

Naomi Knox and Turner Campbell hate each other. Both of them are stubborn, messed up people who never had it easy, and after the past they shared together (a past Turner forgot and Naomi relives everyday) the thing Naomi least wants is to go on tour with that piece of sh*t. When their paths start to connect again and their personalities clash like thunder they know it's only a matter of time before they will have to surrender to one another.

I am stunned with the power this book carries. It's obviously a story that portrays the Rock n' Roll life with very explicit scenes with drug use, booze, the thrill of the life on the road and the edge of soulful lyrics that are as damaged as they are beautiful. It's sad and mournful at the same time it can be funny and witty and I never saw an author that could write about a messed up life with such unwavering hope.

Naomi and Turner are one of a kind. They fight, they argue, the hate each other, they love each other. Depends on the day and on the substance they are on... Turner described it pretty well (You're hot and you're cold/ You're yes and you're no/ ...../ We fight, We break out/ We kiss, We make out) , and that's what's so special about these characters because they had to built the relationship they had based on sorrow and hate and turn it into something worth fighting for...  But OMG they made me so mad sometimes, like the tension between them was suffocating and I was like Just get on with it already!!!  
One minute, I'm wanting to worship the ground she stands on, and the next, I want to destroy her.
Naomi is a Bitch... Nothing to add to that because I utterly agree... But she is a Bitch with talent enough to WOW the crowd with her guitar and lyrics. She is definitely the strongest, meanest, ballsiest, AWESOMEST   character here. With her troubled past and choices she had to make. they are bound to leave some scars but she tries and tries to get on with life and build something happy for her. Trough constantly escaping to music and lots of regret I say she managed to do that pretty well... But then... The CLIFFHANGER.
I know he wishes he could just hit me. Glad to see he isn't sexist, that he'll attack any threat head on. But if he touches me, he's going down. I am a lot stronger than I look. I've been fighting off men twice my size since I turned ten.
Turner Campbell is a self-centered  idiot who thinks the world revolves around him... I agree with that too and can add a few more things like: Jerk, Assface, Dick, Jackass, Asshole and on and on.... But he is a caring idiot who nobody can stay mad at for long (unless you are Naomi)... I loved his story and how this character was built on such rough past into a bright future he found with Naomi.
Turner Campbell. Might as well change his name to Satan or Beelzebub or Lucifer or something.
Hayley, Dax and Eric (I am suspecting Eric or Dax to be the bad guy) were characters I really enjoyed reading about as well. They did have most of the influence in the book and they were the ones to determinate a few of the main characters choices and actions, which I thought it went great with the whole feel of the story. Throughout this book and until the end you will not know who the bad guy is. It creates tension and suspense to leave you hanging in the end and it's absolutely crazy!
Naomi laughs and shakes her head which just further pisses me off. Who the fuck does she think she is? She joins my tour, disrespects me, turns my life upside down, and then proceeds to fuck with me. Bitch has a lot of nerve. But I'm still interested.
I definitely loved this book. The Rock n' Roll feel to it. The action and mystery. Everything. 

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