White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (White Trash Zombie, #3) by Diana Rowland

July 06, 2013

This is the first book I've read from the White Trash Zombie series because I only found out about them but didn't felt like starting from the first one.(yeah, i'm lazy) But even though I didn't read the previous books it's so easy to catch on to the story anyway and after a while I felt like it didn't matter if I didn't knew somebody or something.

Zombies and more Zombies, my kind of book. I loved this concept for Zombies because it's so unique but still entirely gross.  Braiinnnnss!! This zombies are like normal people if they don't miss their brains meal of the day, they walk normal, they talk normal and they get jobs just like normal people. But, if they miss their brains then the action starts to go down south and the real animal instincts kick in.

Angel Crawford (Love the name) is just an ordinary zombie trying to get on with her life but when a zombie movies starts filming in town and fake zombies turn into real ones her whole town may be in danger and angel just may be the only one capable of saving them all.
Let me find you in a dark alley, you worthless asstard. We'll see who’s smirking then.

Angel is so my type of gal! She's a tough zombie that has a personality the size of Grand Canyon, she swears like a sailor, she fights like a badass but has the face of an Angel. Interesting. I loved her from the start and even the fact that I just knew her in this book made no difference because her awesomeness stuck to me like glue. It's impossible not to like a spirited, strong, confident, funny as hell, sure of herself woman like in here and even the fact that she has a troubled past that she tried to put behind her and struggled to get rid of her druggie label, made her even more interesting. And the whole working on the morgue to snag brains is just pure smartness!
No self-respecting zombie would be caught dead smoking. Caught dead. I snorted.

Marcus I did not yet had time to connect with but what I have seen of him this far i liked a lot. He seems very into Angel and willing to accept her commitment issues as well. I think they make a great couple and that they are on the right track for it!

Angel's dad is soo much better at socializing and much more willing to turn his past around as well and we can see him trying to make an effort to improve himself and help his daughter.

I loved the story in this book with the "zombie movie" being filmed while the fake zombies turned into real ones. Awesome! The plot was great and so easy to like and get into. There were loads of fightings between good guys and bad guys, Angel being in every single one of them... This book is so full of action and so much fun!

Diana Rowland really delivered a book worth reading and rereading time and time again because you never get sick of it. She gave us a world of mindless zombies who survive on nothing more than brains but manage to keep civilized. It's unique and very special. I Loved this book and will continue to follow this series!

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