Tasting Never (Never Say Never, #1) by by C.M. Stunich

July 28, 2013

One word: WOW! I was not expecting this book to be nearly as good as it was and it was a really awesome surprise to see how much the characters grow on you over the pages... It draws you into the story and gets you addicted! I love C.M. Stunich capability to build, and write about wonderful characters, build the worse background for them but then also giving them hope and strength to fight their way through those difficulties. Her characters are strong and vibrant and her stories are remarkable!

Never is broken. She doesn't date nice guys because they are too much to her broken soul, so the bad guys are the ones to help her escape the real world even if just for a few minutes... Even if they are all wrong for her.
Ty McCabe is as dysfunctional as Never, too bad they hate each other... They are equal in their emotions and feelings, but a romantic relationship is the last thing these two need to work out their past demons. But can they resist the one person who shares the same pain and ignore the growing attraction between them?

OMFG! I absolutely loved this book. It's perfectly broken. It's raw. It's real. It's pained and it's Sad. But It's all about finding something worth fighting for in the darkest places. It's all about these two young adults who saw their life take a turn for the bad and use sex as an escapade. I loved it from start to finish. Every single emotion that exists is present in this story because i was crying like a baby and the next minute i was laughing like a crazy girl... It is unique and it's perfect.
When I look into Ty's eyes, I can see that we're exactly the same. He's as wounded as I am, and we're both bleeding all over one another. It's a recipe for disaster.

Never is definitely a girl not easy to get to know but easy to love. Her determination and resilience surprised me in a girl like her, that in the beginning seemed like a quitter but then turned out to be a fighter. Her background, actions and acts definitely all contributed to make this girl stand out!
If I ever believe in something again, and it turns out to be false, then not only will my body crumble beneath me, but so will my soul.
Ty is not the typical male-lead you read about. He's not going to be the type that is the perfect boy with perfect problems and he is not a boy that you love the second he shows up. Characters like him are difficult to find. A guy that's trying for a better future with such certain goals. A guy that's trying to overcome his past and build a better future. A guy that wants to love and be loved. He may be the typical boy your mama warned you of, but he's also the guy that you should not judge based on the rough exterior because you will find something special once you get to know him.
“I was in love once,” I tell him. 
Ty's face falls. “I've never been in love.”
This book is one of a kind. There are many books with similar stories but this one beats them all, by far... C.M. Stunich makes books that ought to be remembered and appreciated! She is a skilled writer that uses her talent with a fierce passion that is noticed on her words. I am so going to get the rest of the "Never Say Never" series and get to work on reading them ASAP!

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