Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #1) byJ.C Reed

July 15, 2013

Does no one comb their hair before going to work, or am I abnormal? Because I kind of think Jett did not owned a comb and always looked good... Well good genetics, I think... And it is kind of sexy in a way, but mentioning it every two paragraphs is really, really annoying. Okay he has good hair days everyday, good for him...

Brooke Stewart is a realtor who wants nothing more to succeed in her career. She's focused, hardworking and very serious about her status of not wanting relationships (Which i still haven't figured out why). In comes Jett, the dangerous, powerful man that threatens to shake Brooke's security by luring her into his side. In his firm as his assistant and in his Bed as his Lover.  But will Brooke finally trust someone else besides herself, and will Jett's secrets find a way to haunt them?

Jett is the typical alpha (my ass) guy that we all love and enjoy reading about. But Jett was, how am I going to put this, bland. He was pretty, hot,  a perfect example of good looks (something we have to read about in every single paragraph) and with a flat personality. We don't know what he likes to do, what he likes to eat or even a his favorite color. Nothing. He gives away nothing in this book, it's like he never existed asides in this story and I think a good book has to have a background to it's characters otherwise it's no good. I didn't liked him at all. It had some hot and heavy moments that were cute and such but nothing over the top.
The guy was a piece of sin. If he were the devil holding a contract, this would be the moment I might just give in to temptation and sign over my soul.

I kind of wanted to slap Brook on the face the entire time. But now I have a few advices for her: 1- If someone in a higher rank than you will be sent on a meeting with you, you have to respect them. Not pretend to be insulted or confirm you independency by walking out the door and risk your company a business deal.  2- A best friend is not to just call to say how good your boss is in bed but to ask about how she's doing or if she's alright. 3- Don't make assumptions, let the guy explain his mistakes. It's like everyone else can go suck it and Brooke is the only one with reason on her side. 4- You are scared of a guy that's dead? And how does that influence your trust issues? (I don't get it... Please someone explain it to me!). Brooke was a character with no interest at all... I tried to understand her but couldn't, it was impossible.
“You’re so damn sexy, Brooke. I want to do this for the rest of my life.” There, he said it again. And this time after sex, meaning there had to be some truth to it.

I wanted this book to work, so bad! It has an awesome, exciting cover, a delicious synopsis and and the type of guy you go bonkers over. But it didn't worked for me. The concept was old. Jett was too predictable. Brooke was annoying as hell. "The best friend" seemed to be there just to pass the time because she basically did nothing and contributed with nothing to the story. Everything was too unreal and forced...

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