Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

July 22, 2013

Dafuk did I just read? I liked it a lot but hated it as well. Is something wrong with me or this book has a bittersweet vibe to it? Like, its predictably good in the beginning, unreal but appealing in the middle and then downright addicting all through the last parts? Amy Bensen, you just may be a sneaky little thing...

Amy Bensen spends her life hiding and running, it's her thing. She hates being alone but needs it to make sure she's safe. She has a saviour, the one that helps her build her life whenever she's found by her past, but she's sick of surviving with the help of the man that saved her many years ago. Moving to a new city, Amy meets a dark and mysterious architect that has more in common with her than she may think. But, Is Liam Stone who he really says he is?

Are you kidding me? The book cannot end without giving us at least a little bit of information! We got nothing! All I know is that Lara (Amy) is running from something (don't have a clue what but i know is something about her house that burned down), hiding from someone (who i am pretty sure is rich and very bad) and I also couldn't understand if her brother is alive? Well, Amy Bensen you are the most mischievous character i ever saw. But what surprised me was that i am not giving that much importance to the lack of data because the books flows naturally, like it's meant to happen in THAT TIME so it will, and it makes you not be THAT mad!
Once again, my life is about to be turned upside down. Once again I will lose everything, and while everything is so much less than before, it’s all I have.
Amy Bensen was awesome! If you put aside the part where she went to bed with a guy who she had just met and could easily be a murderer... I mean seriously, love at first sight? Not love, Lust! Lust at first sight! That's more likely... But still I wanted to put some rules in her head like: No matter how good he looks he can be a psycho and Don't ever share a cab with someone you just met (Learned this from Taken... Boo Yah!). Amy was a bit crazy with her mood changes... and money obsession.. Seriouslly, Why The F*ck do you care if he spends money on you if he had a boatload of it!! He's a billionaire!! Let him spend his money than get the hell out of there... But with that aside i liked her... She was not boring or annoying and whenever you had a boring moment on the book she started with one of her crises and BAAM it gets interesting again!

Liam... I don't like him! I liked him until the end, when it left me thinking he's a presumptuous evil ass! Just the fact that he kept bossing her around for the whole book drove me crazy. And NOT in a good way! He was kind and nice to look at first but then he opened his mouth in the last pages and blew my liking for him away....
“You are rich, talented, and good-looking, but I forgive you all of those things because you're charming and funny.”

Jared, why u no the guy for Amy? Please be the guy Amy picks in the second book! I mean who wouldn't pick a Bad-Boy hacker? I really thought him to be a really good element in the book. He wasn't too flirty with Amy but added the tension everyone likes...

Mystery guy... I will find you and I will kick you... I don't know why but he makes me mad!

This book surprised me in so many ways. And now that it's over i feel all kinds of mixed feelings. Suspicious. Mad. Sad. Happy. Pissed off... But it was a very good book that i loved reading about and i will be dreading the next one because i know it will make a fool out of my suspicions of my bad guy, but oh well.. Bring it on!

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