Fuck Valentines Day by C.M. Stunich

July 27, 2013

I am completely smitten to C.M. Stunich books. How the stories are written with the very palpable rawness and playfulness of the characters and the scorching sexual tension in every one of her books. Loved that she does not wastes time and goes straight to the point of the action and gives us the most amazing stories.

Andi Fisher hates Valentine's Day. It's Hell on earth for her, mainly because she's single and bitter but oh well... Then two of the hottest guys on campus finally give her the time of the day and she is dubious of their intentions, after all it's just the hot nerd boy and the equally hot manwhore of the school! When secret admirer letters start to appear out of nowhere she is bound to find the guy of her wildest dreams...But can she solve the mystery man identity while juggling two very intense men, all on Valentine's day?

I was smitten to the warning this book comes with because you just know the book is going to be a killer one. 
WARNING: This book contains handcuffs, hair pulling, perverted Valentine's cards, and all other sorts of naughty. This book is NOT intended for anyone who dislikes hot sex scenes, bad boys, or nerds with kinky sides. Read at your own risk.
Okay, so i never vouch for the nerd guy but it's because they are never this interesting! This book made me appreciate them so much more, especially if the "Nerd" in question is also a Boxer with a kinky side... Score!  Touchdown! Goal! You name it! Preston Ellis is the men! Loved it soo bad....
“You've been staring at me for years, eye raping me every chance you get.” 
I gasped and touched a hand to my chest. “How dare you, you fucking prick,” I said as I tried to control my temper. What he said was true, kind of, so how could I stand here and get all pissy over it?

Andi is the most awkward girl ever but i had a blast with her. She makes anyone laugh with her interior monologue and has everyone bumping their heads with the book when she opens her mouth... She's an unique character that i loved reading about! Even with the fact that this book had two guys fall for her instantly did not made me stop reading over the usual stupidness of the situation, if so it only incentivated me more because it was written in a captivating way that you just can't let the book go! Andi is fun, awesome and a faithful example of the single college girls!
Rational Andi: You're exuding whore pheromones. Put on some damn Channel or some shit. Cover up that crap. 
Horny Andi: Go to hell and rot.

I also enjoyed Quinn very much. He was definitely very unique with his womanizing ways and public displays of "things". Quinn was a fundamental piece to Andi and Ellis relationship, let's say he was their founder. But he was also an awesome guy, he was funny and sexy with his too quick small talk leading up to one thing only. Sex. And who can resist a red Mohawk?
He paused, grinning wickedly, like a porn star or an underwear model or something. It was dirty, practiced, and totally fucking sexy.
This book is filled with intense flirting. Hot scenes on public display. And a kinky guy that gives his all to meet a girl. It's fun and flirty though light and so very special. Loved it from the beginning to the end and even the "in your face" parts were pure bliss. Definitely my pick for all the single ladies out there! And even the committed ones...

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