A Kiss of Blood (Vamp City, #2) by Pamela Palmer ------review------

July 01, 2013

Was that really the ending? Because it seemed that the book was unfinished rather than it being the end. Really? No book can end like that, not in the middle of a battle, not in the middle of some very important actions, it's not fair for us readers. Now we have to wait another year to know something that should have been revealed in A Kiss of Blood. 

But aside the ending, this book was espetacular to say the least. It had all the gore, evilness and madness of the evil vampires we all love without letting them seem too traditional. It's like the old vampire story with a new twist to it. Fantastic. Emoras, I have said it before and i will say it again, that this is an amazing concept for vampires to feed on pain, pleasure and even joy. Then to the world of vampires you add rippers, werewolves and fairies, a kick ass girl with a heart of fire and you have this book.

In A Kiss of Blood (Which was supposed to be the final if it wasn't for the rushed ending) Quinn, being in the human Washington D.C, has one condition: Never go back to the world of vampires.  But it isn't easy to be normal when the friend you though normal is an undercover vampire, the guy that stole your heart and soul is just across the hall and to worsen things your Brother is suffering from magic sickness. Poor Quinn. Then she has to go back to V.C to save her brother and make a choice that is never too easy.  Use her power to destroy or heal that world.

I Loved Quinn in the first book and now i love her even more. She is determined and though with a stubbornness to her character that it's nothing but addicting. Quinn is like a mini Buffy on steroids, she being way better with stakes on her jacket and weapons all over her. In this part of the story she will tap into her powers and discover a strength she knew not she possessed. It's like an awakening for her. But it will bring so much dimension to her character, because in a way she is more human than ever. The readers can feel her pain, her love, her struggle to not let people in and the forgiveness she allows Arturo . One of the best characters I have ever read.
But the closer she let him get, the more likely she was to trust him again. And that was something she refused to do
Oh the steamy scenes between Arturo and Quinn..... Uh la la. They start pretty reluctant with each other, because Arturo was a mean liar in the previous book, but with time and perseverance Arturo finally will manage to gain her trust back (To break it again, but who cares?). They are so cute together and very dependent on each other. Arturo requires her sunshine, her warmth  and Quinn needs his love. Arturo is still the mean vampire boss everyone calls The Snake, how cool is that name? But he is so much more attentive and caring it's endearing to look at.

His shoulders sank, his forehead tipping against hers. “Mio dio. You've changed me, cara. I cannot decide if I should thank you or hate you for it.” 

And if there was one thing she knew, it was that Arturo played fast and loose with the truth. He was a first-class manipulator. But he'd also become her protector and, in a strange sort of way, her friend. And her lover.

There were so many new people in here, like Neo their helper and saviour, Micah which I completely loved and want to see much more mainly because he is a pleasure feeder and that led to some interesting scenes... Kassius which is half werewolf and half vampire and probably one of the sweetest vampires ever, the fairies and their obsession with So You Think You Can Dance and C.S.I, I want to see Jason finding his wife and Lily finally managing to be with Max... These are my wishes for the next book.

Cristoff I have a Gif for you by the way! <3

A Kiss of Blood was much better than A Blood Seduction minus the ending. The characters are amazing, the story is unbelievable and the plot deserves an award for twists and turns. Love Love Love the way Pamela writes and locks you with the story in a away you cannot leave. Ever. V.P Team!!! 

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