The Impact of You by Kendall Ryan

June 16, 2013

For Pete's sake, whistle? Really? What a romantic nickname, if a guy I liked called me whistle it would not end well.

But okay. So there is this typical manwhore who spots this oh-so-timid girl standing awkwardly at a party and he immediately feels the connection between them both and feels how they are two damaged souls that do not fit in that scenario.  Cliche? Just wait for the next part.

The girl (Avery) has a big secret that led to her necessity to hide beneath dumpsters when she feels like her secret is about to slip and this "secret" is the thing that will dominate the whole book just to get to the end and it isn't that big of a deal.  Yes it was a mistake but let it go! So the guy (Jase) gives her a whistle for her to call whenever she's in trouble. Are you serious? What are we, five?
He looks at me like he knows me all too well, like he sees I’m an imposter. Maybe it’s because he’s hiding something too.
Jase, like we needed another greek god hanging around. Isn't there tons of those in the literary world?  But some are original which is not Jase's case. He is as predictable as they come. Yes, he is good looking, yes he may be a guy that screwed anything on sight and now is trying to redeem himself of his bad ways but he has nothing of interest! His personality is as interesting as a brick wall and his ability to be mad at Avery's secret, even though she had nothing to do with it, is dreadful.
“I know.” Everyone always freaks over my eyelashes for some damn reason. It’s embarrassing.   -This is quote said by JASE!

Avery had everything going her way until that awful moment she opened her mouth to say that she was never going to date a manwhore and could not in every reason get close to him. But then she did. Many times.  That ruined the whole Thing. Avery is the all-too-been-there-than-that good girl who doesn't do parties, doesn't drink, does not screw random guys and is very serious about her academical life. How great is that? The problem is that it created no interest in her character. She had no flaws but that one mistake in junior year, ain't that interesting? No. One thing I liked was her relationship with her dad's (She has two) because she was adopted and we didn't even met them. Bummer.

What's wrong with guys and bad girls? They don't get a chance? I Loved Stacia and if the book was about her and Trey it would be much more interesting and not half as awkward. And what's with Jase? Isn't he supposed to be popular and a bad boy? Then why do we only get to know ONE of his friends and the only thing scary about him was that he was unrealistically perfect?

The Impact of you had elements that could have made a great book but it was a mess this way. I Liked Kendall Ryan type of writing, always to the point and easy going but the stopping points and mood swings drove me crazy.


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