Alphas Like Us (Like Us, #3) by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie // REVIEW

March 13, 2018


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Genre: Romance / New Adult / MM Romance

Alpha’s Like Us is the third book in the Like Us series by Krista and Becca Ritchie. It’s told by Moffy and Farrow’s POV. It’s always an emotional time when I get to be reunited with these families that have been a part of my life for a couple of years now, and now to be able to read about their children it’s something I can only thank the authors for doing.

In our embrace, there is no fear or uncertainty. There is only peace and overwhelming pride, and we bask in this second, this simple moment of our beautiful lives.

 Alpha’s like us was a much-awaited book that I loved and devoured without putting it down. It’s an emotional, crazy ride that will solidify Moffy and Farrow’s relationship and make them truly realize how right they are for each other. They are both so passionate about each other, so protective and caring as well… it’s something we can see clearly about this couple even if they are struggling. They are also stubborn, incredibly sarcastic and madly in love… They are perfect.

Shit, he cares more than anyone, and when people need him to be their everything, he is always there. But it only makes me want to be there for him. Every time. Every day. Twice as hard. Ten times as much.

In Alpha’s like us both Moffy and Farrow are struggling with their future. Farrow is unsure if he wants to go back and be a doctor because he misses that part of him and Moffy lost his place at his charity and now needs to find his “purpose” in life. Both are trying to find their place in life whilst supporting the other. I loved seeing them slowly finding their way and finding new things to love whilst taking the relationship to the next level *If you know what I mean* *Wedding bells*

Even though this book is a turbulent ride it still has amazing, beautiful moments that deserve recognition. This story has an unbelievable sense of family, loyalty and love that’s nothing short of incredible. I could feel that whilst reading, either with just Moffy and Farrow but with Jane, Beckett, Luna, Xander, Ben, Charlie, Sulli… all of them. The parents too. Their story carries on here. We get a glimpse at their life to see how they’re doing and bond with them even more.

Hell, I see them as different sides of my boyfriend: Connor is mental. He taught Maximoff intelligence, emotional restraint and confidence. Lo is emotional, the sarcastic, loving and empathetic pieces of him. And then Ryke is physical, all determination and stubbornness and unshakeable strength.

I am in love with Jane and Sullivan, and the bodyguards as well. I need these girls In my life and a book just for them as well! Which we will get! Yay! Their relationship with the bodyguards is very rocky, more than I wanted, so I need another book to put things back as they were. They are all in love, but no one wants to admit it! I’m desperate!

Anyway, this was a beautiful book. The writing is always exceptional, the story is catching and addictive, the characters super well written, well developed and so interesting. I couldn’t put this book down. I loved seeing the Hale’s, The Cobalt’s and the Meadow’s once again to see how they were and was happy to see them well and thriving as always. I cannot wait for the next part of their life. 

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