Wild Pride (The Kingson Pride, #1) by Kristen Banet //

February 28, 2018

// Goodreads //

Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy
Rating: 4 Stars!


Wild Pride by Kristen Banet is the first book in The Kingson Pride series. It’s a Reverse Harem book that is not only very sexy, but it’s very hard to ignore as well. It’s a story told from several POV’s, Riley’s and the boys as well which gives us the change to get to know all the characters very very well. It has danger and romance and I absolutely loved it!

They could do this. They could protect her. They would protect her.

It gives us the story of Riley Stern, a runaway, that stumbles into Wild Junction after escaping from an abusive boyfriend making a new life for herself there. All seems well, until she meets five of the most eligible men the town has to offer. They’re powerful, beautiful and very dangerous and soon they find themselves chasing after her. Not only to have her for themselves but to join their family as well.

Usually in Reverse Harem stories the men tend to look alike. In here they all have different personalities that complement each other. Andrew (Sweet – 3rd in command), Troy and Gabe ( 4th and 5th in command and brothers that like to share and cuddle), Brenton ( Alpha and dominant), Zachary (2nd in command and tall, dark and handsome). Zachary is my BAE!! I liked them all asides from Andrew, which I’m still trying to understand. The author did a wonderful job creating these guys and giving them life.

“We can kidnap her, throw her on the jet. Andrew, Troy, and Gabe never need to know.”

“Yeah, I like that idea, Screw sharing.”
“Who said I was letting you get on my plane, asshole?” Brenton growled.
“I thought we were friends,” Zachary moaned. “Don’t do that to me.”

Riley was a girl (also shifter) that took some time getting used to. She was a bit whiney at the beginning. As soon as the book picked up she became much more of a badass and I found myself liking her A LOT! Her relationship with the boys was very slowly built and it started with a steady friendship and slowly became much more intense. I liked that they didn't just jump into a relationship with them and instead focused in her transition into a shifter and her learning what it takes to survive in their world. 

I can't wait for the next book, Especially since this one ended in a semi-cliffhanger! I really liked this author's way of writting, it's very fast paced and straight to the point! I loved it. 

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