Folsom (End of Men #1) by Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster // Book Review and FANGIRLING!!

June 25, 2018


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Rating: 5 Stars
Genre: Romance, Dystopian and Adult.


I cannot believe I’ve read a book written by no other than Tarryn Fisher and Willow Aster. If I could fangirl more than I already am, I would. Folsom was by far my favorite book of the year so far. It delivers a story well thought out, filled with complex characters and outstanding writing. AND it has a really sexy guy in the cover… I have no complaints whatsoever.
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Folsom is an End Man, which means he’s rare as shit because all men either died or disappeared. Alongside twelve other men, they have to repopulate the earth by having tons of sex with every woman. Or at least try. That is until he meets Gwen. When he meets her, he’s struck by the fire in her eyes and by her quirkiness. Soon after their encounter, Gwen finds out she’s pregnant with a baby boy and finds out exactly what it means. For in a world of women, the men lost all rights. Now, it’s up to them both to change society’s view of men whilst trying to save their unborn child.

Women are not stupid. That’s why they outlasted us. While men destroyed each other with hydrogen bombs and wars, Mother Nature took care of the rest, sterilizing what was left of the already dwindling male population.

Starting out with Folsom, he’s a strong, stubborn, protective man that I fell in love with from the start. Folsom is one of the few that actually does not enjoy being an End Man, but there’s nothing he can do about it. When we first meet him he’s a man that yearns for familiarity but doesn’t want to fight for it. I loved that when he met Gwen she opened his eyes to the abuse he was submitted to and made him want to fight for something better. For a family with her. I absolutely loved seeing that change in him! He fought hard for Gwen, for his sons, and for his freedom. Sometimes he won and sometimes he didn’t. But he deserves some respect because he’s a badass man willing to give his own life to protect the ones he loves.

Gwen is the strength of this book without a doubt. She’s the mechanism that started a revolution to defend the men, which are essentially being pimped out. She’s a quirky girl that fell in love with a forbidden man and fought for him until the last second. Gwen has a challenging time in the book, because either someone is trying to take her man from her, or her child, then someone betrays her and tries to kill her. It’s unbelievable what she goes through, but she never loses her strength through those hardships.

The story itself is really well built. It makes you think and see things from another perspective by inviting you to think differently about them. There are some secrets that we didn’t get to know in book one. Hopefully, book two will fix that. There also are some connections that weren’t explored to the max. I felt like Folsom’s son could have been a bigger part of the book and I DID NOT appreciate the ending he got.

Asides from that. I have zero complaints. The book never had a slow moment. It kept me interested through every chapter. The writing is detailed and beautiful without being too much.
I loved it!

P.S - If you’re about to read this book, I’ll share a warning with you. Don’t get attached to any characters because the end chilled me to the bone and crushed my little heart. Some bad people will turn out good, and some good people will turn out bad. 

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