Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones. WHAT? Review.

November 29, 2013

Are you kidding me? The other book was mysterious, but this one is way worse! All the doubts we had, still remain... And after this 250 long pages I still don't know shit about Amy (Lara) Bensen, besides that this book is really looking like a Lara Croft story. But holy hell! Someone we will never see coming is ALIVE!
Sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's repetitive, but no matter what or how much it makes me mad I can never hate this story because it's really good if you manage to stick around... I have to admit that this book is addicting! With it's suspense and constantly putting our minds to work with "who's the bad guy and who's not".... It's quite amazing how Lisa managed to do this  and even after two books we have no idea and no suspects for many things. 
I never knew it was possible to meet so many fake people until I met Amy. Seriously, in here so many new people will try to "Help her" finding out the truth and help her with her problems, but most of them will be lying bastards. And the thing is, for a girl with deep trust issues she trusts them way to easily and then she gets burned. SURPRISE. I always liked Amy but she annoyed me in here. She was way too "easy" and repetitive ( her constant need to inform us of how hot Liam is or how much she likes his goatee) and worse of all, she was changing her mind non-stop. (I can trust Liam, But now I can't. And now I can again and on and on....). By the way, I really though that the whole pregnancy thing was unnecessary since it lead us nowhere...
“I need my life back, Liam. That’s true, but you taking it over isn’t going to do that for me.”  
“That’s where you’re wrong, baby. Because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to get your life back, which means keeping you alive to enjoy it. Even if you hate me in the process.”
Liam is the same pit of questions as always and it will leave us hanging because we find out Shit about his life. Seriously, NOTHING! NADA! All we know and all we get is a rich man that doesn't want to get is past involved and decided instead to help out this young girl just because, fell in love way to easily and now she's his whole world. Way to unreal for me to trust him. I just keep expecting him to slip and admit he's the bad guy already....
It’s a perfect answer, if it comes from the right place with the right motives. “Why?”  
“Every time you ask that question, I’ll answer the same.” He leans forward, resting his elbows on his powerful thighs. “I care. It’s that simple.”  
“Nothing in my life is that simple.”  
“I am.”
The Secret Life of Amy Bensen is one DAMN OF A COMPLICATED SECRET! And between hot men, tons of money and a girl trying to uncover her past you will be left speechless.

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