The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4) by Richelle Mead. REVIEW AND QUOTES....

November 20, 2013

I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!! This books has one of THOSE kind of endings! I have mixed feelings about The Fiery Heart. I both loved it and Hated it. More like: Hated the end and loved the rest of the book.  But This book rocks my socks. It was amazing, exciting and so very romantic. LOVED IT. Richelle Mead always gives us Fantastic books.

After the choice Sydney did she will have to deal with the consequences. And now that her sister, Zoe arrived at her college she will have to be more careful to not blow her cover. But that's hard when you have a witch class to manage, a very demanding guy struggling with his own nightmares and having to pretend to be disgusted to her now "Moroi and Dhampir" friends. She will bend all of the rules and use her magical ability to gain advantage to the alchemists because if she manages to do it without getting caught, it may give her a way to escape...

I cannot believe this. Just when I was starting to like Sydney and Adrian together and Sydney in particular, Richelle Mead does this to me? Ugh... So frustrating. They are really meant for each other, because they help each other heal and be a better person. Adrian needs all the calmness and sanity that Sydney can give and Sydney just needs a bit of edge. All of this is heightened in The Fiery Heart and I am quite loving it, despite the fact that I was against it the whole time...
She grinned and kissed me again. The “escape plans” were a running joke with us, always far-fetched and numbered in no particular order. I usually made them up on the spot. What was sad, though, was that they were actually more thought out than any real plans we had. Both of us were painfully aware that we were very much living in the now, with a future that was anything but clear.
I can see now that Sydney is a little ass kicker. Even though she was raised to believe in all that protective shit and basically was mind controlled all of her life. Now she's making a choice for herself. What she thinks is best. In here she will try to replicate the alchemists tattoos and make an antidote for them, so nobody else can be controlled like her. And she does all of this right under her sister and her father's noses. SHE'S BRAVE! She basically has COURAGE tattooed in her forehead.
Really, what it all came down to was that I was working for myself now.

I think this is the best book for Adrian so far. We all know that he has a hard time dealing with his Spirit, because it takes too much out of him. Well, he now will try to get his spirit in control and he will be willing to do whatever is necessary, even it it means going on pills. And you know why? All because he wants to be a better person for him and for Sydney. Ain't that cute? Our little Manwhore is in love! But don't think that for a second he will stop is remarks and egocentric thoughts in this book. There is plenty of that and it's still funny as hell.
That love and rapture faltered. “Wait. How is it settled? How did we go from me declaring my love for you to me being okay with a dream?” 
“It’s Adrian Ivashkov logic. Don’t try to understand it. Just roll with it.”
I hate Zoe. She's a Bitch. And for all she's done in the book to Sydney and to others, she should be removed of it. I never felt this bad about a character before in my life! Well, that's not true! I HATE HER FATHER EVEN MORE!

Rose and Dimitri are going to be load of times in here! I am so happy. To all of us addicted to these two, this is a good book! It's too bad that we won't see much of them as couple but more of them as guardians and serious... Though Rose can never be serious for long, right?

Eddie and Jill are in the same standoff. They love each other but for some stupid reason of the universe they are both shy to admit it. But there is some progress in here!!!! A kiss maybe? You'll have to read it to find out! And what about Angelique and Trey? These two are as stubborn as they come! But I can't say that it's quite cute.
To say my friends were living a soap opera was an understatement. They almost made my dangerous relationship with Adrian look boring.
Lissa and Christian are back as well!!!  Christian is still the same arrogant idiot we love! Just warning.
 I saw her get up and leave, and a moment later, Christian appeared with his trademark sarcastic smile. “What’s up?” he asked. “Need some hairstyling tips?” 
I choked up for half a second.
The Fiery Heart definitely has FIRE inside... THIS IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE BLOODLINES SERIES!  so far....   It's full of show stopping action and forbidden sweet romance! I am smitten to it and probably am considering crying myself out until I get my hands in the next book.

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