Odium by Claire C.Riley Review. !!! ZOMBIES WARNING!!!

November 27, 2013

HOLY FREAKING ZOMBIES! This book is amazeballs with all it's zombie gore and humans turning on humans... And finally a book that isn't only focused on the romance part of it and instead builds it and manages to add up some pretty disgusting situations in the middle. Action packed and full of characters that will drive you nuts.... Ladies and Gentleman: ODIUM by Claire C Riley.


When an outbreak of zombies start infesting towns after towns, walls are made to keep all the remains of the population safe. But, since the walls stopped receiving support from the government the people have turned against each other and now that safe cities were turned into a prison where beating, starvation and rape is a common deal.

 Nina is sick of it and when they throw out a girl named Emily for stealing bread she jumps in and goes with her to a world they barely know with nothing on their backs. Without knowing how to fight and how to protect herself and a fifteen year old, Nina is going to have to learn along the way.

Then, in a sudden scavenging hunt for supplies she finds a man that saves Emily and Nina's life by letting them into his group. In there she will meet people that will hate her and people who she will love no matter how badly she tries to conceal it. But just as she starts to feel safe a danger arises. Something that she should fear harder than the zombies... The forgotten.


Odium is so creepy and dark and twisted... I love it. The zombies are all described so disgustingly with their faces caving in and skin pealing off their bones or with their bodies half eaten and stuff, that it seriously leads us to a pretty vivid imagination.

 And all of the fighting scenes? Pure badass! It's Resident Evil style but even better, with weapon like machetes and weird knifes that are just as cool. 
We are finally greeted with the view that we have all been dreading. Deaders. Lots of them.  
“Fuck!” Crunch breathes out, beating me to the punch line with startling accuracy. 
Yes, fuck would be it indeed. Or fucked may be better. Maybe even well and truly fucked.
Everyone loves strong characters that will have their way no matter what or that will say just about anything in the worst times and get in trouble a lot due to it. Well Í introduce to you that winner of the ward for : MOST STUBBORN WOMAN of the literary world! NINA! She's tough as nails and can take down any zombie that walks her way but she's also always the one to ruin all those nice times when everyone is having their “moment” with some pretty inappropriate sayings. She's so cool. I wish that if we were overruled by zombies I could be like her. But that's not happening. This girl has been trough a lot! I like her even better knowing that she isn't broken and a scared girl because of it, but instead still fights fiercely for the people she loves like Emily and Mikey and just doesn't know when to give up!
I look at Mikey again, whose Little Boy Blue dimples are showing on both cheeks. I roll my eyes. And to make matters worse, I’m stuck with this idiot. “What? You’re still staring!” I huff.
Mikey has a ginormous secret that I dumbly didn't even see coming! Seriously, it will make you go like: WHAT? I am kind of crushing on this "Bad Boy" (Inside joke from the book. You have to read to understand!)... he's so amazing. He's strong and dedicated to saving his group and sweetly focused of getting past Nina's armors and get her to admit that she loved him back. We are talking about a boy that also lost everything. A family and friends... But this part of the story we will only ear in the end and it will be rushed. He's strong and tough with a goofy smile that gives us a little happiness in the midst of all the zombies...

Emily should really stop crying and man up. Don't get me wrong, she's strong for a fifteen year old but most of the times she just wouldn't accept that things had changed... I kind of liked her but I will wait for the next book to see what I really think of her...
JD may be my favorite character! I really wanted to hear more of him because he was a great secondary character hat could have loads more of history to share with us.... and am I the only one that feels angry at the way he ended? I was really shocked! Not in a million years I would have expected for a character like him to........
Crunch was stupid.... Just saying. Hated her from the beginning to the end.
Why is it that men turn against each other when the world suffers something big like this? Can't they just get along and fight the bigger enemy? Guess not.... 
Claire C. Riley blew my mind with this gross book that will take you inside the story and make you live it with every breath, miss every loss and toast to every zombie kill .... It's great..atter. ionh all the <ombie gore and e

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