Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter, #6) by Nalini Singh Review

November 04, 2013

I am in Awe. You just can't get a book better than this. It's impossible. Raphael, Elena, Dmitri and Illium  and every single other angel, person and vampire are just that awesome! Archangel's Legion picks the very best that was in the previous book and joins it in one amazing story. It has some serious fighting filled with realistic battles, very pissed off women and some sweet hot romance.

I have been waiting for so long for this book that I was like: what? Are you fucking serious... when I got it. Out of all the paranormal romance books I've read this is by a close call my favorite. The story gets stuck on you, it's impossible not to like it. Especially when Nalini Singh can write some realistic shit.

This is the sixth book and the author went all in. In Archangel's Legion The city of New York is suffering serious damage, first there is angels falling off the skies then the vampires start getting sick... Elena and Raphael have to find out who's behind this because that same person is threating to start a war, but as they get closer to the culprit Raphael finds that madness is harder to fight once it starts overpowering you. 

You know Elena is tough, right? Well this book will show us a whole new side of her, a more vulnerable yet stronger side. I think that this is the book when she will face most of her Demons like the fear of losing Raphael and of never being able to forgive her father and losing her sisters. Bus as usual she remains as one of the best written female character ever, and it's quite funny to see in this book the jealous and overprotective side of her.  Is it bad that a keep expecting her to get pregnant? there is all this signs but then nothing ever happens...  She's dangerous and lethal but beautiful and loyal...
“Your love is a fierce thing, Elena, a thing with claws and teeth when it comes to protecting those you claim.”

Raphael is also going to have even tougher responsibilities like finding new powers and trying to control them and fighting to protect his city at all costs. We also get to see something that I was dying to read about, his mother and his relationship with her and how it will develop... But the most important thing is his relationship with Elena and with his Seven, which we will see plenty off. I loved reading about his loyalty and friendship with those guys because it adds something special to the book! And with Elena, it's going to be a rocky road but they were meant to be.
“Eternity would mean nothing without you. For no power on this earth would I trade my Elena.”
This book isn't called Archangel's Legion for a reason. I keep overlooking the titles and then I always end up regretting it. Immediately you deduce that there is going to be a war... and a very serious one. And you're right.  This is the book of the almighty problems, like they were all put together in one book. There is ancient angels going against each others, there is new vampires and some gruesome deaths and even the introduction to some new AMAZING characters that I already can't wait to hear more about.  Like Naasir... and Tasha (a snake that I want to see Elena punch)
“No, Naasir,” Raphael said, as if the other male had spoken. “You cannot make a meal of Elena.”  
“A pity,” came the expressionless answer. “I’ve never eaten the flesh of such a young angel.”  
Eyes narrowed, Elena looked from one to the other. “Very funny.” 
Naasir’s gaze lingered on her. “I did not realize there was a joke involved.”

Illium, Dmitri, Sara, Jason, Aodhan and Ramson are the best supporting character we could get and they outstand themselves in this book. Nalini writes this characters so well that for us they are main characters as well. And in Archangel's Legion the play major roles in protecting Elena and Raphael but also in keeping the city safe and sound. Every single one of them is hardcore!
“As for your Bluebell, his heart is already yours.”
 Jason, Naasir, Illium, Dmitri, and Aodhan, they were a formidable force.
This book is interesting, it's addictive and it will leave you breathless without a second to breath. It doesn't leave us time to process anything and it has unbelievable action that will make you feel like you are inside the book. It's realistic and it's badass. It's perfect. 

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