Ripped (Miller Sisters, #1) by Sarah Morgan Review. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much...

December 02, 2013

Just had a bad day? Well, spend five minutes reading the first chapters of this book and you'll be cheery and happy and laughing like a crazy person. I assure you! Ripped is hilarious whilst being the most romantic story ever! Love. Love. Love.
Hayley is a curvy girl, wearing a yellow "puke color" tight dress for the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, so having to hold her breath because she's afraid the dress isn't going to hold isn't exactly her favorite times... Especially when the dress rips and everyone is stands looking at her "assets"... But what she least expects is that Niccolò, the guy who has been throwing her mean glares whenever she's near is the one to giver her his jacket and the one to kiss her senseless behind the church...

Niccolò has always loved the fire he saw in Hayley but she was dating his friend and it stopped him from acting. He knew she was going to be his but he had to wait for an opportunity to present herself  and when it did he finally couldn't control his want anymore. He may be rude and not nice in general but he knows what he wants and he's going to get it...
The winter is romantic, but Sarah Morgan made it over the top with love. All the scenarios for the kisses and moments were written beautifully given the whole story the most amazing ambient. The story is short and very fast, but just in 95 pages she managed to give us a loving story about a stubborn girl and "not-very-nice at first sight" guy.
Hayley is the BOSS and no one can really top her embarrassment when her dress ripped! She's completely crazy and I was laughing non-stop with her, her thoughts alone are awesome. She's entertaining as hell and a smart girl that doesn't understand her value. I liked that her whole New Years' Eve resolution was meaningless sex but five days before New Year she was falling in love and didn't even realized it.
 I lowered my head and kissed him, my mouth lingering on his. ‘You’re so sexy. Say something to me in Italian.’  
‘Pizza Margherita.’  
I giggled, but the crazy thing was he even managed to make that sound sexy.
Niccolò Rossi... Even his name is hot! He's not nice and at first he has a really pretty mouth but no smile, so we deduce that he's really not into Hayley but then he comes in a "white knight" style and I was like: Knew it! I cannot even describe how amazing, caring, sweet, cute, hot this guy is written... He's our dream man that I really wanted to know more about... especially about his family and past that seemed really interesting. But for 95 pages he rocked it!
Nico Rossi wasn’t a good boy. He was a bad boy dressed in a good suit.
I am loving Sarah Morgan right now! Seriously, read this book if you haven't. It's to die for and it will make you fell embarrassed loads of times... Just warning.

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