The F-It List by Julie Halpern Review...

November 18, 2013

I'm so in love with the simplicity of this book. It's amazing the way the writer manages to make us happy and giddy with a story that involves such a serious matter.  The F-It List is definitely a must-read for this fall that will warm anyone's heart!!!
After receiving heartbreaking news of losing her father in a car crash. Alex will find out that her best friend Becca and current boyfriend have been cheating on her behind her back.
It isn't until Alex decides to forgive Becca that she finds out that her friend may be dying of cancer and that she wants her to make her bucket list come true... And when your best friend needs you, you will be there no matter what.
Okay, These two are perverts... Becca and Alex. But they share a bond that is so visible in the book that it's quite cute, but then they open their mouths and ruin the cuteness.  They were so funny!! Both of them fighters and hardcore chicks that are going to have to overcome so much, like cutting Becca's hair or going trough Chemo.. It's heartbreaking! They both were kind of normal before, not really making anything overly fun or even out of line, but with this bucket list they are going to find a new definition to the word fun... They are going to start living more intensely, counting every day as the last!
Becca is an actress so she's used to faking emotions and playing them out, but nothing really prepared her for this decease that's threatening her life. She knows she's dying but does that stop her from living vigorously trough her best friend? Hell to the NO! You will not imagine the kinds of things she has on her bucket list... Some stupid, some impossible, some cute and the rest all perverted...
 Even sick as fuck and pumped with meds, Becca was a complete pervert. She better not die on me.
Things like:
  • Sleep on a beach and watch Sunrise.
  • Flash the Homeschooled boy next door.
  • Eat a hot Pepper.
  • Hop a train like a Hobo.
See? this is the best!
I am so liking Alex... She's like my little evil twin... She likes horror movies, she's straightforward with people and has tons of personality... and her sarcasm is killing me. I love her relationship with Becca because it's so real that you can feel it throughout the words. She's an honest friend. But this hard head girl is going to fall in love... You'll have to see it to believe it but I assure you, it's going to turn this little monster over...  
 “Did you poison someone?” he questioned. 
“Why? Because I’m smiling? Give me some credit. My assassinations would be much more subtle than that. No, just kind of having a good morning. Are you stalking me again, by the way?”

The F-It List is a small book to enjoy and to make it last. It teaches you to live your stupidest ideas and making the best of it, wither alone or with your friends... "Small book, Big lesson" Ain't that what they say? Well, Julie Halpern is rocking this motto right now.

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