Hard to Handle (Love in the Balance, #2) by Jessica Lemmon... Super Funny and Unbelievably hot!

November 12, 2013

Hard to Handle is so CUTE and HOT and AMAZING! And I freaking loved it to pieces.... I mean how could you not? Look at this cover, it's to die for! I confess that I didn't read the book "Tempting the Billionaire" but I am on my way to, because if that book is even a third of this one than it will be spectacular. Jessica Lemmon is officially my go-to author for a rainy day when you want to curl up with a book and laugh your ass off.
I loved every single character in here because everyone is so funny and unique. They all have a say in the story, they all help out and they all contribute to the main characters in a way that sometimes other books seem to forget to mention. Crickitt, Shane, Evan, Axel, Aiden's dad and all his brothers and Sister and even Sadie's family (Which I hate) play an important part in here and are never forgotten or dismissed as unimportant.
I am liking Sadie so much that I think I have a girl crush on her. She's this blond, tiny, curvy girl that really likes the color pink... But when she opens her mouth, man you do not want to get her mad at you! She's kickass... I always said that any girl that can rock eight inch heels and deal with a bunch of guys twice her size at the same time deserves my respect! Especially because those heels would kill me should I try to wear them... But there's more. This girl has had her fair share of broken hearts which gave this tough chick a vulnerable side! 
 With Aiden, she could have anything. She could have everything. There never should have been any doubt.

Aiden is rocking my mind. After his mother passed away from cancer he's determined to start a new life for himself, and even get back the girl who's heart he broke to help his mother. How heartbreaking is that? He broke up with Sadie to dedicate his time to his mother and now he wants her back but he will have to fight for her. At the start I though he would be an idiot because he gave up on Sadie but then his actions and sweet words won me over in an instant. He's a caring, respectful guy with a hard past. But he also has his alpha side that when we finally get to see, it's quite captivating. And that's why Sadie is perfect for him... Seriously, their chemistry is off the charts!
 "You should put on a clean shirt," she whispered, not speaking the words he read so easily in her eyes.
 "You should kiss me," he murmured.

Shane and Crickitt are amazing and I just found out that they were in the first book of this series so I am about to devour that book, because I also fell in love with them here!
I am sorry but I cannot like Celeste and What's-his-face, mainly because he cheated on Sadie... I mean if he hadn't cheated on her she would be married and without Aiden but it's still cheating... So that is the only thing I didn't like in the book.
YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! This book is going to rock your socks! It's fast and heavy with romance and hot scenes! It's a light funny read that will make you fall in love with the characters and make you do crazy cheering things and then make you crazy with need. BTW it's not easy to read this if you're single... Just Saying.
*Arc copy of the book received by Netgalley in return of an HONEST review.*

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