Dark Wolf Running (BloodRunners, #5) by Rhyannon Byrd Review. ALPHA'S ARE BACK!

November 25, 2013

Hot, Passionate and completely Addictive.... I admit that this is the first book of this series that I've read and  Dark Wolf Running really did surprised me! I already though it was going to be a good book but it caught me by surprise by how much I enjoyed this characters and stuck to every word until the very last page! It's amazing and it's damn good! And LOOK AT THIS COVER! It's gorgeous....
I am so loving this book. The wolf's were amazing and the alphas were portrayed as very dominant yet sweet. They were a man with a wolf inside and not just the wolf part... It made them more believable. The fighting scenes? Out of this world... Rhyannon wrote some pretty sweet asskicking scenes that made me go like: Hells yeah! The storyline? Amazing and interesting until the last word. How could you ask for more?
Normally when you have two people that are very similar in personality you know they are going to clash...  Elise and Wyatt were two hot headed, stubborn and lonely wolf's at the start and both of them were afraid of a relationship. They bring all the fire into the book!! One moment they were arguing and screaming and then they were sharing hot hard kisses like they couldn't get enough. I had to take breaks to take a deep breath because this moments will definitely make your blood temperature rise!!
Elise has her wolf part on mute due to an attack that left her broken a few years back.  As if that weren't enough she comes from a family that all of her community despises because of her father mistakes. From here on you see that this girl has all the reasons to give up, but you know what? She doesn't for a second! She's a tough ass bitch... And she's going to fight for her place until the very last minute. I loved her. She could be a bitch when she wanted it but that also made her pretty funny sometimes. One thing that I didn't really appreciated was her constant need for compliments... It annoyed me a bit, but oh well. You can clearly see and evolution in this girl from the second she meets Wyatt, like she's more aware of herself and actually finds something worth loving.
"You're not broken, Elise. You're beautiful."
She swallowed so hard it hurt. "I'm not, Wyatt."
"The hell you aren't"
Trying hard not to shatter, she twisted her lips with a smirk. "Careful, Runner. You're going to be bad for my ego."  
Wyatt has his own demons. And more than one time he will be a coward and try to flee . But he won't be able to because Elise is kind of awesome! From the start this guy is swoon worthy...  He's hot, Tall and buff and a complete alpha with his possessive and protective ways that make us girls go crazy! It's impossible not to like this guy even harder when he actually begins to tell us his story, or when he meets Elise and refuses to give up on her even though they tell him to. He is kind of a great guy.... Attentive and so caring. And some of his quotes are downright Aww's worthy!
Every single one of the guys and girls in this book are amazing! All of them have amazing , distinct personalities that will make them be remembered...
Dark Wolf Running will leave you quite warmed in the December month. This is a MUST READ for December! It's spectacular and it will leave you breathless....
*Arc Copy given by Netgalley in return of an honest review

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