Working It (Love by Design, #1) by Kendall Ryan Review --- 3 Stars ---

November 15, 2013

Kendall's books normally have a good storyline but lack interesting characters and situations that would make you hold your breath with anticipation. Working it is far better but still not quite there. It has good characters, exciting hot story but the writing drags on and becomes boring sometimes... Though I flove it (You will get the meaning in the book)! And the ending? That was unfair to leaves us like that!

This Story goes in topics:
  • Advice giving best friend who's there only to comment on the hotness of the guy that the main girl is dating. Check.
  • Hot guy with a troubled past who doesn't want anything serious but two seconds later he caves in. Check
  • Constant mentioning the level of hotness of the guy. Check
  • Attraction at first glance and slow-motion kind of descriptions. Check
  • A Woman that's going to try to ruin the relationship. Double Check...
See? This book is good, but it has one too many clichés that I've seen way too many times.

Ben was the best thing in here. The rich, famous, sinful looking model that's way out of reach...Yes, he was hot as HELL! Ladies he's going to give us some hot times! This models knows what he's doing let me tell you! I actually kind of loved him but he was frustrating because we get to the end of the book and many of the questions about his relationships and past are still unanswered...

I like that these two started off with a secret affair, because Fiona couldn't know they were together and Ben was kind of a douchbag and didn't want to tell nobody. So, that created lots of heated moments and even arguing's that were fun to read about! Especially when they start to get to know one another... IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!

Emmy (the sweet, innocent girl from Tennessee) is too good and clueless. She's like a lost puppy. There were times when I started to like her but then she overlooked something MAJORLY IMPORTANTE and I eventually gave up... She's boring. There was no fun attitude, no playing hard to get, no nothing... She just dived in straight to the matter... Well, she did try to play hard to get and do the whole I-don't-do-casual-sex thing, but she gave up two seconds later so it doesn't count.

Fiona was awesome! The Mean, rude, obnoxious and obsessed Boss! But she was fun to read about... I loved her craziness even though I wanted to throw something at her most of the times...

Working It is a good book to enjoy if you want a quick, hot book with loads of drama about two people who can't find their middle ground...

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