Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful Bastard, #3.5) by Christina Lauren... REVIEW with CRAZY?

November 22, 2013

So fucking Good! Chloe and Bennett are the ultimate couple! Beautiful Beginning is the last book about these two!!! NOOOOO. But it ended with a BANG. And what a BANG! It's a devilish book that I couldn't put down for a second!
The only bad thing is that it's too small! In two hours I had finished it... The writer always amazes me with the stories that she can write that are so complex and AMAZING in just a book with 208 pages...  No one can do that! These Co-Authors may be literary fucking gods!
You know how Bennett and Chloe are normally, right? They fight, they argue and they have mind blowing sex... Well, in Beautiful Beginning that's all amped up to the full MAX! These two were an explosion waiting to happen, they were CRAZY! All because Bennett decided it was a good idea to a "no-sex-before-the-wedding" rule! You can see where this is going... They were like two starving dogs....
You’re a demon,” I said. “I feel like a bride guarding my virginity before the wedding.” 
   “Well, then feel free to give it up, Ryan,” she said, pushing up onto her toes to kiss me
Chloe is mad. Mainly because she's CHLOE and then because she's a BRIDE. Now you see Chloe trying to make Bennett break his no sex rule... Which is pretty amazing because she'll use all of her "womanly charms" to make it happen. Seriously, she couldn't be more annoying and so fucking funny than what she is in here.
Bennett is a tough guy, I give him that. First he will stand up to Chloe and second he will have no sex for four days... How about that? Chloe may like to be in charge but he likes it too, even though she managed to win him over most of the times... He's great with his smirk and arrogant attitude... And that hair? My god! 
BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING is just another amazing book that everyone should have in their to-read list. It's funny! It's charming! IT'S HOT! And overall PERFECT!

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