We have a cast for Fifty Shades of Grey! Drums please...

September 03, 2013

Just eighteen hours ago we got the news of who was going to play The Famous Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele... I am so excited! They totally nailed my vision of the characters so well, Charlie Hunnam and  Dakota Johnson are our new most anticipated characters ever!

Charlie Hunnam is a hotie but I never expected him to accept to be Christian Grey. The fans really did have a guy in mind to play CG and when Charlie Hunnam came out they went ballistic, but you know what? I think that Charlie is going to be the best CG ever! Have you looked at that smile? At the hair? The attitude? It screams Christian Grey. And now picture him barefoot and angry... Perfect

I am a bit worried about Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, just because she wasn't what I really envisioned. But from what I've seen from her work I think that she is going to wow us. It's no surprise that it have to be a risky actress for this role, she will have to do some very explicit scenes and play very emotional moments. And it wouldn't be every actress that it would take that risk, so just by accepting this role and trying to be the picture that the world envisioned of Anastasia I already love her for the role.
I can't wait until August 1st 2014 to see this movie, something tells me that these two will create havoc with their chemistry and set the theatres on fire with their steamy scenes!

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