Unspoken (Woodlands, #2) by Jen Frederick

September 20, 2013

No, I did not read Undeclared but I am so going to right now because Unspoken really did blew my  mind.  Unspoken is the hottest, sweetest book in my list right now, with hot marines who like to fight dirty, strong minded girls that can kick your ass and a story that will make you crazy with need.
 Bo and AnnMarie make an awesome couple! I seriously love them to death because they are not boring, not stupid or whinny! They stand up for one another and don't accept bullshit from each other as well, that's how badass they are! I love using exclamation points for this book!
He came up behind me, lifted me out of my seat, and sat, pulling me down on his legs.  
“Gee, if you wanted my chair, I could have moved.” 
“Who said I wanted your chair?” He tipped back a bottle of beer and drained about half of it.
This book is all about MAJOR DICKFACES that need to put people down and bully them! I swear that I couldn't go trough one third of what AnnMarie had to go trough with all those idiots making up fake stories about her sleeping around. This character is Strong with a major S because even though guys called her easy and the girls whispered slut to her, she stood her ground and said deal with it! I love AnnMarie to pieces, loved her shyness, her background story, her actions and her overall personality! She's definitely a character worth reading about!
 “Since Thor decided to hog the front row.” 
“I’m Thor?” he asked, sounding a bit too pleased. 
I guess being compared to a Viking war god was a compliment. I cringed inwardly at revealing that I sometimes envisioned him standing on the prow of a longboat with a horned helmet and a spear.
Do I need to say that Bo is like, awesome! And his name is awesome as well? Well, it is! Bo is my  sweetheart book boyfriend right now due to his constant need to be protective and only doing the best for AnnMarie in the sweetest ways! He is this tough guy from the Marines with a heart of gold and a cocky attitude and he's a blond god with the six-pack and all! I confess that normally the blond ones are kind of bland but Bo? He's as hot as they come...  He's funny, caring, trusting and very loyal.
 “Not being able to admit you need help is manly?”  
“Asking for help is a woman’s thing,” Bo said, ducking my point.  
“We don’t ask for directions, and we don’t need help opening bottles.”  
I shook my head. “I don’t believe you. I think you’re just a Neanderthal.”

I loved Ellie as well. In fact she may be one of my favorites of the book! She played the best friend role and she did it beautifully, with shocking loyalty and a mouth full of quick answers that would knock the biggest of guys in SECONDS!

Noah and Grace! I didn't read the first book so I wasn't really into their story but now I confess that I have to read it!  They are so mysterious and yet passionate that you just want to know the story behind them. I am so very interested in knowing  why Bo and Grace Clash!  
This book is amazing with sweet but torching romance that will require constant stops just for you to take the coldest shower you can get and get the blood pumping again! Don't let anyone miss out on this story!

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