Deeper by Blue Ashcroft Review.

September 15, 2013

I have to go for a swim in ice cold water to see if I can cool down after finishing reading this. What a refreshing summer read, with a light but intense story that will grab your attention from the start.

This is the first book by Blue Ashcroft, so I went in a bit worried and apprehensive just cause I've never heard of this author. But it did surprised me on how good the actual book was, because it's a story that's plainly special so it fits with everyone. The writing is clean and goes straight to the point and the characters are all special, starting with their names and also their personalities and ending with their acts and attitudes. 

Rain is starting a new summer job as a supervisor in a pool after a summer where she made a fatal mistake and pledge a promise of "abstinence". It all seems to finally going well for her, well that is if you don't count the boy who is her fellow supervisor with abs of steel that is set in making her life a bit difficult. Knight also has is problems and a girl that he promised not to forget, but when Rain comes and threatens his job he should be mad but instead he finds himself quite stuck with her and her unbreakable attitude. Rain is not looking for love or any other complications, but this summer on the beach is about to give her far more than she's ready for.

There is one thing that I didn't really appreciated about this story because it all revolved around ONE problem. So, if you started reading that the main character was having a problem you already knew what it was about... It's no fun that way. It had really no variety and it started to be kind of old after a while, but there was a certain someone that always stormed in and made me forget all about repetitions. (He was the Knight in shinning armor of the book)

Knight was so adorable. In the first few pages you get him trying to be unpleasant and  mean to Rain but that is quickly for gotten after he gets to know her. He's a boy that has a certain past and problems with men disrespecting women so he is a bit possessive and sexist throughout the story, but in a good way. I really liked him and though that he had a very good constructed background and that his character had depth and reality to it. He was definitely one of the best summer boys in a book ever.
He’s as changeable as the ocean, and probably just as dangerous and powerful. But like the ocean, he draws me in, and I can’t pull away.

Finally a character that stands her ground until the end of the book! Even though I think that her vow of abstinence is kind stupid and doesn't really has a point I liked that she stick to it until the last minute, because she's stubborn and determined. Rain is a bit of a stuck up girl in the beginning for you quickly get to see the more loose side of her and start to like her.
“So you can’t fall in love,” he says, wrapping my hair further around his finger, pulling me closer. “You can’t have sex. I’m okay with the things you can’t give me. Just give me what you can, and I’ll let it be enough.”
This book is all about giving you mini heart attacks. 1- They broke up like a hundred times. 2-Rain is threatened to be raped tons of times as well. 3- There are way too many rapists in that summer place and the pool. 4- There are two very depressing deaths. 5- The friends are kind of stupid...

This book is sweet, it's fun and it's light. It has very hot steamy kisses under water and very fearless lifeguards, with just a hint of danger and a whole lot of romance. Definitely a must read.

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