Breaking Nova (Nova, #1) by Jessica Sorensen Review + Favorite Quotes.

September 12, 2013

Breaking Nova does not have a happy ending which really messed with my head for a few minutes later but then I realized what was to come and Damn, this book is a masterpiece. It's beautiful, broken and haunted.
I cried my face off and I was never affected by a book so much, like this one because it makes you feel all the emotions like all the hatred, the suffering, the mourning and despair. It's not a pretty book nor it has a pretty story and it won't be easy for most people to accept the course of the book because it drives you sickly insane seeing the characters you've learned to like letting go. But this book is different and it's special because is all about losing yourself into a black hole and gathering the strength to rise and move on.
It’s like she wants to be sad, which makes me want to make her happy, maybe then I could make up for some of the sadness I put in the world.
 It starts off with the two main characters and it shows us a glimpse of their life's before and after being shattered, and right on the beginning I felt this connection to them and pity and I just wanted to keep on reading to find a way to help them. It is a common feeling: pity. You just can't help it, because you see these young adults trashing their life's and carrying a weight on their shoulders, that should never be there in the first place.
This book focused a lot on how a family can affect their children choices, of how a simple word that shows that they care can make a big difference. In here it shows us both cases, the supportive mother of Nova and the unjust father of Quinton, and how their interactions with their kids will define their paths.
Drugs is a subject that many books have mentioned and even showcased about, but never as well as this one. Breaking Nova gives you a new perspective on being "High" and it's true consequences. It gives you a look at how the high gets you to forget but it also shows how it will bring you deeper and deeper until you can't even recognize yourself. It's one of the saddest points in here, because the main characters all have an addiction due to mistakes and even choices of the past and you can see it wrecking them and eating them slowly. But in the middle of this it will also show you that there is a character that will have the strength to get away from that world and make it out intact. It shows decay and hope all together.
"That broken, lost, wandering, searching-for-something-that-will-never-exist-again Nova is not who I want to be. And while I don’t know exactly who I am, the important part is that I’m focusing on discovering it in a healthy way.”
Quinton and Nova were character that you just want to hug and kiss until they are all better. You grow fond of them and find yourself shaking your head at their mistakes. There will be a lot of growth and realization for them and an extreme evolution throughout the entire story for Nova.
I felt something for the first time in over a year, but what it was I’m not sure.

This book is enticing and beautifully written. I just hope that there is more happiness in the next one, and we get to see someone else being saved as well.

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