Frigid (Frigid, #1) by J. Lynn

September 11, 2013

Jennifer L. Armentrout is awesome! It's a fact known by all of the literary community that loves great books. So her stories and characters have to be awesome as well, she just can't help it anymore but to write great things. And We can't help that we have to read every single thing she writes, because Us readers always want more and more.  Right?

J. Lynn is the queen of creating stories that stick in your mind, that change you, that humor you and that make you fall in love. And this story was no different. Frigid is all about true friendship turned Love. It's sweet yet sinful and annoyingly awesome.
 I was in love with my best friend. And it could be worse, I guessed. I could have been in love with a male stripper or a drug addict.
Syd is great. She's described as a fragile, nerdy girl that doesn't do parties and has her nose stuck in books most of the time. This girl was quite underestimated, and that's a thing that J. Lynn always makes us feel about her female characters. She gives us the whole innocent girl and then BOW, Syd goes and acts all tough and surprises us throughout the entire book. I love her unpredictability and how easy it was for us to love her.

Kyler is the character all girls love or hate. (He has a six-pack!) This type of character does not stand on middle ground. Or you hate him from the beginning because he's a bitch, or you love him because you know why he's doing it and expect more. (He has a six-pack!) I loved the development Kyler went trough during this story, he turned from a big Manwhore without a care in the world to realizing that he has to go and chase his dreams and his girl. It's cute. (He has a six-pack1) But put the boring stuff aside, this boy was Hot. He was the full package because he never failed to do one thing: He always and no matter what protected Syd.(He has a six-pack!) Kyler was protective, sweet and possessive, and absolutely a character worth reading about.
 Syd would always deserve far better than that, and far better than me, no matter how deep she lived inside of me.
 Sydney has a very emotional friendship with Kyler trough out the whole book that will drive you mad and make you sick with joy. It's basically a rollercoaster of emotions.
 "I've loved you my entire life," he said, eyes locked on mine. "And I would love you for the rest of my life if you'd let me, Syd."

The whole story is focused on this two, but strangely it does not repeat itself or become dull. It's  fast paced and always have something going on. It really addicting to see this two have their way around and read about each other's perspectives.

Frigid is a book that you will read in an heartbeat and then depress because it's over, it's that good. It's all about the romance but with some pretty scary and a few impressive fights and acts of jealousy. Definitely worth reading and enjoying.

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