Charming (Pax Arcana, #1) by Elliott James

September 21, 2013

The moment I saw this on Netgalley I had to get my hands on this arc copy even if I had to beg (I didn't but I totally would...). A Half-Werewolf Half-Human, badass John Charming? Oh, Hells yes! A bar and mythical creatures? Nasty Vampires? A Valkyrie Blonde Bombshell ? That's my dreamland Book, it's what I daydream about! And I am completely smitten to it.
Elliott James just took the classic prince charming and happily ever after story and made it BADASS! OMG I can't get enough of the story or the characters because they are all so special and weird! Yes, they are a bunch of misfits that I totally loved to read about.
There is not one moment that I found dull or boring because this was full of jokes, awkward situations and lots of sarcasm. The chemistry between Charming and Sig is off the hook due to their similar personalities, so they will clash and fight during the whole book! But it's an adorable
This book is all for the urban fantasy lovers. With some pretty heroic tales, nasty ugly vampires, werewolf's, fae's and everything that hunts at night. But with some highly forgotten creatures as well, like Valkyrie's and Naga's which I though was awesome!
Sorry to say but the usual prince charming is awful and just annoying, where the guy is perfect all the time and really has nothing going on inside his head... But John Charming is so different because he's C.S.I smart and has many (Adorable) flaws that will slowly drive you mad!  He was a flawed character that had a really sad and dangerous background story, what really did gave him realism and a increased his cocky attitude. John was a trained badass that could fight with any weapon, seriously anything... But sometimes his perfection really did become quite annoying, but then you just have to think of his face and eventually it went away... You will not get enough of this nerd, I tell you that!
Sig being described as this perfect bombshell with long blonde hair and perfect body made me though that she would become boring eventually, but she surprised the Hell out of me! She's smart, she's cunning and she's dangerous and at the same time she's so lovable and cute! She's the perfect female character that makes tremendous mistakes but you love her so much that you just forgive and forget. I couldn't get enough of Sig because she is not afraid to speak her mind but yet she's afraid to breakup with her boyfriend (Complete Tool) and I kind of condemned her for it for a while but then all was well... But overall this girl impressed the shit out of me!
Molly is like a really nerdy, lost and kind of crazy character and also my ultimate favorite. No one can beat Molly's uniqueness and she really was an important addition to the book, because it brought the story to life and added some really funny scenes!
Dvornik (Sig's boyfriend) was a douchebag and I was waiting for the time someone was going to kill that sucker for me! And someone did it... Muhahahah....
The vampires were really portrayed as your nightmares, with limp greasy hair and greyish skin that will disgust you in an instant. I loved that, because vampires are supposed to be awful and this ones were rocking the look!
Charming was surprisingly good with many twists and turns and funny moments that will make you surrender to this new series instantly by Elliott James.
*Arc copy kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest Review*

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