Simple Perfection (Perfection, #2) by Abbi Glines. !LOVE!

September 30, 2013


So many thoughts in my head! So many emotions! I seriously cried so badly, my eyes are still red.  I don't know if I should be laughing over how darn cute and stubbornly perfect this was or crying over the heartbreak I am experiencing due to some pretty nasty things that will happen... I don't know. But one thing I know...And that thing is that Simple Perfection is one of the best books out there and it surprised the shit out of me!
“You’re my all-in, Della. I’ll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I’m all in, baby. This life with you, I’m planning on us.”

I couldn't wait anymore for this story to come to me! I was desperate after the way things ended in Twisted Perfection, with Woods Dad dying (bomb!) in the last pages and then leaving us for months to wait for the next chapter... We didn't know what was going to happen and how it was going to affect Woods. And now, I finally finished this mind tease!

Woods has a country-club to manage now that his father is gone but is mother is refusing to accept his son as the boss because he isn't giving in to her demands and leave Della. But Woods is committed to make Della a permanent stamp on his life and he will fight anyone who defies him on that matter. But what happens if mistakes are made? If things are said and can't be unsaid? And a fragile girl decides she's done being a burden and goes her own way? Is their love enough to keep them together?
My mother needed to stop acting like a child. I was all she had left. It was time she accepted Della in my life, because I was getting a ring on her finger as soon as I could convince her of it. I knew Della well enough to know that it wouldn’t be easy to get her to marry me.
When I started reading this book I had the same feeling like when I go see a suspense movie. Abbi Glines It always gets my heart rate pumping with her books.

Simple perfection was all that the tittle says it is. It's a simply perfect book. The writing is clean, fast and easy but the truer story is so complex and intricate, with detailed characters we love from the first page. I personally thought that this book was the most intense in all the Rosemary Beach series, because there will be so many secrets unrevealed, so many side stories going on at the same time and the loss of a fantastic character that I loved. This book is sad in a way but also filled with happy moments of the characters we crave to know about.

With Woods’s arms wrapped around me and the beat of his heart pressed against my chest, I knew he would hold me steady. If I ever fell, I’d have him to catch me. 
Woods and Della are much more intense now. They are basically desperately needing one another, like the more you get the more you crave and it will overpower most of the book. But it's a good thing because now both of them have things to run away. Woods doesn't want to face his father's death or his future and Della is still running from her past. These two will go trough a lot, they will fight, they will run away but they never give up. And that's something that made me to fall in love with their story in the first place.
Most people can’t overcome something like what you’ve overcome. Don’t ever think you’re less than amazing.”  
A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. “You just love me,” she said. 
“More than life,” I replied before pressing my lips to hers.

Woods has some serious responsibility now and you always get the side of him that won't let the club down and the side that's trying to keep Della's monsters at bay. I think that's sweet. Woods has always been my nº1 guy, so seeing him finally stepping up, taking control of the club and letting Della find her own path it makes me proud.

Della is fantastic. From the first day I didn't believed her and now I regret it! She's so damn strong and she will discover so many bad/good things about herself in here, she will find her past and fight it off and she will finally accept herself. It was an important book for her. And she showed such courage that I sort of have a crush on her now....

Yes! Rush. Blaire. NATE! will be in here! All of them, all sweet and happy and perfect!
Nate was Rush and Blaire’s baby boy. He was an adorable mixture of the two of them. I didn’t normally think guys with piercings and that rough rock star look were attractive, but Rush Finlay holding a baby in his arms was very nice to look at.

Tripp will surprise us! As usual! He has always been a much better guy than he gives himself credit for, and now we kind of know why he's so afraid to go back to Rosemary. We will finally find his fear. And it makes me much eager for the day when his own book will come out, because I need a story dedicated to him. Like NOW.

Abbi Glines and her Rosemary Beach Series are my life saver. Whenever I need to recover from a bad book, I just open a page of any of her books and TADUMMM, I am happy again. Seriously, this books are legendary!

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