Through The Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles, #2) by Gena Showalter... Epic!

September 29, 2013

Through the Zombie Glass brings us once more the zombie action we all been craving for. It has the usual uniqueness by Gena Showalter with a loads of surprised and a hint of romance. Alice in Zombieland is nothing compared to the twists and turns, action fights and love quarrels this books has, it's like it was written especially to get our blood pumping.  IS anyone loving this cover? Because I am, even thought the girl looks a bit wrong...
If you thing this story about Ali, Zombies and the badass guys couldn't get any better, get ready to be surprised. The other book left a lot of thing unresolved, a lot of relationships bittersweet and the zombies waiting for the right time to attack and destroy, but this story solves it all. It kind of has an happy ending, or as happy as you can get with Zombies running around, and I normally in a zombie book hate a happy ending but oddly this one thrilled me. I loved this book so bad that I couldn't let it go.
Ali is so much more stronger now and she has to be because this book was HARD on her. Now she will have to fight an evil "twin" or her zombie side, and it's not going to be pretty. All the things that she will have to go through will defy all she loves and put everyone at risk. She's a liability in here, and I kind of hated/loved that because I really love her character and I don't want anything bad to happen to her but it was kind of awesome.  The story is so well put together and this is such a well-written character that you can feel her pain and sadness, and that's why I think that many people like Ali. She's tough and hard, determined and sweet,  but when she loves someone she loves fiercely and you can tell and feel it throughout Gena's words.
Maybe it was time to bring back my original to-do list, version two, but with a slight tweak. Find a way to disable the zombie inside me. Kill the zombie inside me. Addendum: even if I have to die, too.
This book has the most amount of hardcore relationships I've ever seen. It's breakup after a breakup and it drove me crazy.
Kat and Frosty were always a couple that I had to laugh about because they are crazy about each other, yet they are always arguing. And it's funny!!! And now they will fight even more, make us laugh even more but they will also realize that they cannot live without each other!  How cute are they???? 
First, I told Frosty no, but then he said, ‘Would I ever put you at risk, woman?’ And I said, ‘How would I know? You’ve been living a double life since we started dating.’ And he said, ‘You want me to apologize again, don’t you?’ And I said, ‘Every day for the rest of your life.’ He had the nerve to laugh as if I was joking.”
Emma and Bronx were always the passionate ones, the ones that couldn't live without one another but never actually admitted. Another crazy factor!! But this book was also really hard on them, because a lot of the story will involve them and it will put them apart. So you have to see it to believe it!!
The love square. Yes, a love square! Remember the cute visions Ali used to have with Cole? They will happen with someone else. And it's not going to be pretty, because that someone is Gavin and he is hot as hell! So, it you thought the testosterone level was high before, try reading this book now. And the sexual tension? My, my you better have a oxygen mask ready....
“Hey, Cole,” Gavin called from the kitchen. “You staying for dinner?” 
Cole would have seen his car in the driveway and known Gavin was here, but still his back went iron-bar straight at the sound of the other guy’s voice. “Are you the chef?” 
“I am.”  
Cole marched forward and settled into a bar stool as if he owned it. “Good. I’m starved.”  
This could not be happening. 
“We’ve got the stuff for enchiladas or roast beef sandwiches,” Gavin said, glancing at me. 
“Enchiladas,” Cole replied.  
“Sandwiches it is, then,” Gavin said.  
Cole offered him a chilling smile.
Nana rules! She's definitely one of the best characters that also offers support to everyone and always ends up forgotten, so I feel like she should be given more value and presence in the book. But this granny is hardcore!
The graphic descriptions of the zombies will please anyone who enjoys a good horror scene which was a plus for me!!!!
Through the Zombie Glass is one of the best books of the year. It's thrilling and fast and it will make you blood boil, with scientists and their crazy ideas, a loads of lies and a bit of jealousy and even more dangerous fighting's. Now put that together with a bunch of hot boys and crazy girls and you have a mental book that you will adore!

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