Collide (Collide, #1) by Gail McHugh.

September 16, 2013

Collide is just pointless. I love this type of books, but this one had absolutely NOTHING good in it. I couldn't get inside the story, I couldn't understand the characters, the story was forced and predictable and there was nothing that actually appealed to me in it.

I tried to like it, I did. But it took me three days to read this and that's because I had to constantly put it down because I was either bored or, well, bored. I saw a lot of reviews that had given this book 5 starts and I can't understand how that's possible.

I hated all the characters asides Natasha. Remember the girl who said like all the time? Yeah, she was as interesting as this book got.

Emily was a mess. She had no personality and was the all-too-used character  that is very "independent", very "passionate" and very "pretty "on the inside"". Yeah, not going to happen. I cannot understand how everybody fell for this girl who can't even stand up for herself, isn't mildly strong and is annoying as hell.  She kept on complaining, and complaining that she loved Gavin but she had to stay with Dillon and blah, blah, blah.... And also suspecting that Dillon was cheating on her whilst she was doing the exact same thing with Gavin... Please, someone tell me how is she supposed to be a good character? The only interesting thing that she actually told about herself and that meant something was when she confessed that she was dyslexic. But sides from that? I wanted to scratch all of her dialogue and replace it with Natasha. ( Like, do you understand? )
He smiled. “Does me sucking on my lip bother you that much?”

Gavin is a dummy. He's supposed to be this awesome player that gets all the girls and has the big money... Bullshit. How a girl can fall into his trap is beyond me. He was a flat character and having to hear how awesome, manly, strong, beautiful and perfect he is ALL THE TIME is annoying. I didn't liked him and the way he immediately fell in love with Emily and went after her and kept playing with her even though her boyfriend was just there, for me is not a "good-get-butterflies-in-your-belly-and-better-than-ice-cream-coma-guy".
“And I’m not worried about his friendship right now. I don’t think I ever was. I’m worried about you—you, Emily—not him.”
Dillon may be the character that I also liked best as well. He did things, he moved the story ahead. Yes, he was a lying sonofabitch but he was interesting. He had depth and anger and a personality so despicable that I could actually feel interested in the story for a while just to see what he was going to do next.

I liked Olivia as well and her battle with Dillon with their name callings. She was strong and quite interesting to read about.

The entire story seemed rather forced and easily lost it's pace so I was bored out of my mind and slowly going crazy... The scenes were predictable and seen way too many times and kept repeating itself over and over. And the ending was just pointless.

Maybe the problem is me, but I did not like this book at all.

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